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I've had sonos for many years now but the last few months I've had nothing but problems. I'm afraid I'm not very technically minded so excuse my ignorance. I can't seem to play any music what so ever.Error 1001 1000 and unable to play track are the common themes. This is for Amazon music, tunin radio as well as my music on my iPhone. Please help so frustrating

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Unless you have changed something in your setup recently sound like you might have a hardware issue. I'd suggest raising a suppprt ticket with Sonos to see if they can diagnose your system.
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Here is how to post a diagnostic, once you get a number post it here


A Sonos rep will pull your report and tell you what is up.

While you are waiting can you tell use more about your system?
What speakers do you have?
Do you have one of your speakers hard wired to your to your router?

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