Issues with Audible via Sonos App and directly through Audible App

  • 16 December 2018
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I have four Sonos One speakers throughout the house and have the iPhone app synced to my Audible account. The intent of this setup is so that I can play entertainment without missing anything as I move about the house. I am experiencing two issues with this when it comes to streaming from Audible:

Issue 1: Sonos App cuts off the end of chapters. I will have the system play an audiobook through the Sonos app across all speakers. When it gets to the last 15 seconds or so of each chapter, regardless of the book, three of the speakers stop playback, while the Living Room speaker continues playback. Although not ideal, I thought that maybe if I only have playback from one speaker, say, in the Office, it would be a sort-of-okay solution to this quirk. I tried it yesterday and found that this doesn't work. Not only did the speaker not play the end of the chapter, it didn't even fall silent for 15 seconds like it does when the Living Room is connected and plays the end of the chapter alone. This pause would at least let me know I was missing something. The single speaker just seamlessly skips to the beginning of the next chapter. It is probably worth mentioning that when I first got the Sonos that I didn't have this issue; it only began a few months ago. I'm guessing the issue began after a software update, but I can't be certain. The speakers have all been reset within the last week by disconnecting power (which corrected a separate issue).

Issue 2: Playback echo when audio is pushed from Audible app. With Issue 1 being increasingly aggravating, I tried to play my audiobooks directly from the Audible app, pushing the playback to the Sonos speakers that way. I don't really like doing it this way because I prefer the voice commands through Alexa, but so be it. I have unfortunately found that connecting all four speakers introduces a lag in playback between all speakers, so I end up with an echo. It seems to be able to handle two speakers okay, so I thought perhaps this is an issue with the wireless connection, except I have tested playback from Amazon Music this way on all four speakers with no issue.

Has anyone experienced either of these issues and have suggested fixes?

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