Issues trying to setup Boost & new AMP

  • 2 August 2020
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I have done a Factory Reset on my system as have purchased 2x new Five speakers and Sub 3.0 for the Living Room, the original 2x PLAY1 speakers have moved them up to the Bedroom as Surround Speakers connected to the new AMP. So I thought it was easier to do a complete Factory Reset and set everything up from scratch in the correct places. Before the reset, everything was all working perfectly fine! I have “Reset” the SONOS 2.0 app on my iPhone and then every SONOS device when plugging them back in pressing and holding the CONNECT button to reset them.


My first item I am trying to setup is the BOOST. I have plugged it in to the mains and pressing the CONNECT button until it flashes orange and let go. Then go into the SONOS app on my iPhone and go through the swipes and then click on Terms and Conditions, go back from Safari and agree to them. Next I click on “Setup New System” > “Sign In To My Account” with my username and password > “Continue” to Setup Your SONOS Products > “I Have A Sonos Boost” button > “Continue” button a couple of times to setup the Boost, connect it to the router and power, then finally again for the green flashing light - which the Boost is flashing green. Then it asks me to press the CONNECT button on the Boost - which I press. Then comes up to confirm your Boost - so I press “Yes, setup this product” button.


Then the screen comes up saying “Connecting, please wait until the connection is completed”. Then I go to the “Room” screen (with the different SONOS room names) and I have at the top, a red dot saying “unable to connect to Sonos Learn more and underneath saying System then underneath Boost (unused) and underneath that a red dot saying Not Registered with a spanner on the right hand side.


I then click on the Boost (unused) and asks me to confirm my E-Mail, so I press the “Continue” button and input my password and “Sign in”. The get the “Updating your account” screen. Then “Account update complete” and click Done.


Still have the Boost (unused) with the red dot now saying “Not configured”. So I tap on it again. then the screen comes up saying “Boost setup complete” and click done. Now I just have a black “System” screen.


I now click on the cog at the bottom right to add my new SONOS AMP, then click the System option, then the “+ Add Product” button - then I get the screen to “Connect your product to power” which I do while holding the Connect button on the AMP till I get the orange flashing LED, I wait for the green flashing light on the AMP before clicking “Continue”. Then I get the “Searching for your product” screen with the scrolling bar. When it gets to the end, it sees the “AMP, Black” unit and press the “setup this product” button. Then I get presented with the Wireless setup screen and click the “Go to accessory setup” button. See my Wi-Fi SSID (SKY*****) ticked and press the Next button at the top right corner. Then Setting up this accessory to join “SKY*****”, then “This accessory joined “SKY*****” and press Done at the top right. Now I get the “Press the button on your Sonos Amp” - so I press this on my AMP and then get the “Connecting” screen. Then get the “Not connected” screen with an exclamation mark above.


I have gone through this process numerous times and always get the same result. I have also tried connecting to a different AMP - sadly with the same outcome. I’m wondering if it is an issue with the BOOST - as the setup never finishes and the other products do and have the completed screen at the end, which I never do on the Boost setup.


I have also moved the AMPs to the same room as the Boost. The Boost is on top of the cupboard and the AMPs are below on the computer desk, so range is ruled out.


Apologies that this post is so long, but I wanted to provide every step I have done incase I am doing something wrong.

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Hi @PJ2882, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

I would like to take a closer look, please take a diagnostic of the system. 

Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic and reply with the confirmation.

We would need to check for the boost on what’s happening. 

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.