Issues maintaining a connection between Samsung TV and Sonos Beam

  • 24 July 2019
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So I believe this may be more an issue on the Samsung side of things, but I thought I would also post something here in case anyone else has had the same issue and might know how to solve it. I have a Samsung KS8000 TV and I recently bought a Sonos Beam to use with it. Along with having the Sonos Beam plugged into the ARC HDMI port I have an Apple TV and PS4 that I also plug in to the one connect box. After two frustrating days of trying to figure out why the Beam wasn't working propertly I think I have located the source of the problem. If I plug either the Apple TV or PS4 in HDMI port 1, everything works properly. However, when I have something plugged into HDMI port 1 and then either HDMI port 2 or 3, the Beam will lose connection to the TV after an extended period of being turned off. For example, with only the Apple TV plugged into HDMI port 1, everything works properly and I can turn the tv off at the end of the night come back in the morning and it is still perfectly connected to both the Apple TV and Sonos Beam. But, if I were to have my Apple TV plugged into HDMI port 1 and my PS4 plugged into HDMI 2 and I turned the tv off at the end of the night and came back in the morning the audio will now be coming out the tv and it will have lost it's connection to the Sonos Beam. Any help solving this issue would be much appreciated.

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