Issues adding CR100 or CR200 since 5.2

  • 10 December 2014
  • 28 replies

I've been running into difficulties adding CR100's (The Russian Ipod's) and the CR200's to Sonos systems since the release of 5.2. Has anyone else experienced this issue? When adding to the system, it says "connecting" but this ends with an error message. This has happened on two separate systems. System reboot, different Sonosnet channels, factory reset, different router, using a Bridge, using a Boost etc. without any luck.


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28 replies

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The latest firmware available is great for most systems. We've seen a few CONTROL (CR100s and CR200s) that are unable to connect even after the standard troubleshooting steps, so there was an updated build created.

If you have a CONTROL that isn't able to connect and you've tried all the basics already, give us a call or send us an email. We can help.

If you do email us, can you please include a diagnostic confirmation number from a different controller? This page has directions for submitting a diagnostic:

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Just Got a CR100 from eBay, but it won't connect. How do you perform a factory reset when all I get is the connect screens and can push the 3rd soft key to view About information? I am on build 21461160c. And how is a build updated if you can't get the controller to connect?
You'll need to call Sonos Support. They should be able to assist.