Issue with Sonance MAG4.1 subwoofer / Sonos 2.0 upgrade

  • 30 June 2020
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Hello I have two of the Sonance MAG 4.1 systems in my backyard running off 2 Sonos Amps. I recently upgraded the sonos amp to 2.0 and now my subwoofers don’t work. All of the satellites work, but I get no output from the subwoofer. The sonance subwoofer has a built in crossover, so each system is ran in single 1 x 4 conductor line in a series. So I don’t have a separate channel line specifically for the subwoofer. When I was running Sonos 1.0, everything worked perfectly. I didn’t have any issues until I upgraded, and then my subs stopped working immediately. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a connection issue because if it was some of the satellites wouldn’t work (since it is a series). It has something to do with the firmware update. Any advice? Thanks

1 reply

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Hi @mrjonhazlett, sorry for the late response, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

I would like to take a closer look, could you please take a diagnostic of the Sonos system and reply with the confirmation number.

Here’s how: Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic.

I would like to also know if any changes were made before the update?

When was this last working before the update?

How is the Sonance MAG sub connected to two amps when in the Sonance instruction manual only uses one Sonos Amp? 

The information you can provide is greatly appreciated.