Issue with Amazon Music Ultra HD Files and Play:1's

  • 30 September 2021
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My first post, hello all. I have had Sonos for many years and have never had an issue until recently. My Play:1’s are set up in a stereo pair with a 2nd Gen Sub and a few days ago I started having issues with Amazon Music (specifically songs that are Ultra HD only) and have been experiencing choppy audio which makes the music un-listenable.

I do not have this issue with my amp (newest gen) or SL ones, it only happens with the Play:1’s. I was on the phone with support for 1-½ hours with no solution - anyone else having this issue? I am using S2 and I am assuming this is an issue with the Ultra HD music file being compatible with the Play:1’s since it doesn’t happen on any of my newer speakers. It also does not happen if I select songs that are not Ultra HD. I do not have any issues with streaming Ultra HD songs directly from the Amazon Music App, only using the Sonos App.

(I have removed/reinstalled the Music link in the Sonos app, rebooted my router and modem, rebooted the speakers, did a factory reset on the speakers and removed/reinstalled the S2 App).



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