Is My Roam Dead? Won't power on.

  • 24 April 2021
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My Sonos ROAM has exactly the same problem. After a month of usage, it does not get charged at all. Tried various USB chargers even 5V/2A (10W) charger. Please note these were not wireless chargers. Tried charging through laptop’s USB port too

It just shows the orange light for a sec or two; then goes blank. Sometimes if I disconnect and reconnect the USB charger, it shows orange light lit up for about two secs; then blinks orange once or twice and then goes blank.

Battery does not hold charge at all earlier when it worked. Hardly lasted a day on standby.

I have some 8 SONOS speakers including ARC. This is the worst Sonos speaker I ever had. Unfortunately, I have ordered one more Roam which I am yet to open. Wonder if I should return both!

Glad I stumbled across this thread to find I'm not alone. Just recieved my Roam (which I bought directly from SONOS) 4 days ago. 3 out of those 4 days have been spent trying to get the bloody thing to work. Thought I was going mad, because like others I have a number of other Sonos products and had very little issues with them, so didn't expect this one to be so difficult to use, or unreliable.

I spent the last couple of days back and forth with the support team and they have now agreed to send me a replacement unit. I made a video for them demonstrating the issues because it became far to complicated to describe the problematic and sporadic behaviour of this device in anything shorter than a thoesis.

Video is here if anyone is interested:



Video is here if anyone is interested:

I hade very similar issues with my Roam. If I didn't use the unit for a long time, I couldn't turn it on. It didn't matter if it was in the charger or not. Often the device stopped responding to button presses. 
I returned the Roam because my experience was horrible, so I'm worried if they sent you the same problematic piece :-(

Well, since reading all the comments and feedback about these issues online, I’m also starting to wonder if the new device will behave similarly. If it does, I will pursue a refund instead. I will reserve judgement until the new one arrives though, it could just be a case that there was of a bad batch of units (in which case it seems to be pretty wide spread and there probably should have been a recall)

Came back here to report maybe some positive news for other folks - I spent some time with Sonos support today, and they recommended a hard reset, which isn’t in the user guide… Hold the power button down for 12 seconds until the orange light turns back on. Wait a few moments and then see if you get the white light at the top back. If you do, check the app and see if it’s back online. This did the trick for me and now it’s working normally again! (Before I did this, I couldn’t get it to do anything outside of the orange light turning on when I plugged it in.)

Thank you! this worked, I had this issue today, and the only thing a want to note is that it worked for me only when the sonos roam wasn’t charching

Has Sonos not chimed in on this thread?


55 people saying their product is defective and no representation from the company?


im having all the same issues, btw. Wireless charging, power button not responsive.

I’m facing similar issue, my Sonos Roam wouldn’t turn on after hours of charging. Frustratingly, this is the second issue that i’m experiencing with Sonos Roam.

The first issue is my Idevice (Iphone) unable to pair with Sonos Roam, when the Roam is brought back active from sleep mode. 

Due to such persistent issues, I think of scrapping my sonos Roam.