iPod/iTunes library to External HD. Windows 10

  • 11 February 2017
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New here, but Sonos owner since 2010 and have a problem that's making my head explode. Details:
Sony VIAO laptop running Win10
External HD: WD My Passport Ultra
iPod Touch 32GB
Home wireless network
Sonos Connect
Kaspersky Total Security
HD has about 8575 songs on it
iPod has about 1900 songs

I'm trying to move the iPod/iTunes library to either/both the Sonos or the WD HD.

No issues with WD HD to Sonos. Can't get iTunes library onto either external HD or Sonos. I've spent HOURS on the web and have tries almost everything that's posted as "the solution" and nothing works.

I just re-synched iPod to iTunes-no luck
Dragged and dropped iPod library to HD-File name shows up but no contents
Tried "share with" from iTunes-no luck
Tried Sonos Manage Library. iPod was visible, library folder showed as potential target. Sonos went through the add process, but none of the iPod/iTunes library shows up.

Sorry for the length. College English Writing major, what can I say?

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