iPhone6 connectivity issues while iPhone7 is fine?

  • 5 December 2016
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My wife has an iPhone6 while I have an iPhone7. Both are iOS version 10.1.1 with latest Sonos application installed. I am running Beta on the Sonos controller for controlling directly from the Spotify application and seeing weird behaviour. My Wife's older iPhone6 will randomly not be able to connect to the controller while my iPhone7 is fine always. I've reinstalled her application, cleared her DHCP lease to get a new address, and when the issue is occurring, attempted several wifi disconnects / reconnects plus application close and open to no avail. Eventually the app will connect, the timeout period for it to do so varies greatly. Issue occurs daily and randomly. again, my iphone7 has _ALWAYS_ connected fine. Has anyone experienced similar and is there any advice on what else to try? is there an incompatibility with iphone6 (not 6s) and beta that wouldnt affect iphone7 on the same ios version? Seems odds, but maybe?

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3 replies

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Does seem odd. Some iOS devices will get ipmaddress conflicts. Have you tried deleting your home wifi from her phone (forget wifi) then rebooting router and reading to make sure phone is clear of all conflicts.
Definitely no conflicts,

admin@dhcp-server:~$ show dhcp statistics
pool pool size # leased # avail
---- --------- -------- -------
_x.y.z.0-24 61 22 39

admin@dhcp-server:~$ show arp | egrep "Address|150"
Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface
x.y.z.150 ether 70🇪🇨e4:6a:7d:dd C eth1

Now, One thing that did occur to me was that I'm running two sonos connects (one amp, one regular) which were connected via WiFi (wm:1). I have since hardwired a single connected and confirmed they've switched to wm:0. Is there potentially any conflict between multiple connect's for who the controller is to talk to, or should that not make a difference?

(as an addendum, should the connect's and play:5 retain their WiFi IP addresses and be pingable from my gateway once switched to sonosnet? I understand they form their own mesh, which I would have thought resulted in their own, new IP addresses on a hidden network -- what is the expected behaviour switching from WiFi to sonosnet in regards to previously assigned IP addresses on the wifi network?)

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There should be no conflicts with multiple players. Sonos is designed to work with up to 32 zones, with multiple controllers, and many of us have multiple players with no issues.

The Sonosnet mesh network is a layer 2 network. Effectively it looks like a LAN switch. The IP addressing should be unaffected (i.e. it will pull an IP address from your DHCP exactly as before).