iPhone or the iPad can not access the iTunes library directly

  • 19 September 2012
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The Sonos Controller on the iPhone or the iPad can not access the iTunes library directly.

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4 replies

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Hi, The Sonos Controller for iPhone/iPad is a free application available for download on the App Store and can be run from the iPhone or iPod touch. This is an official App that was developed by Sonos - and the best part is: it's totally free. The Sonos Controller for the iPhone has all major functionality of the Sonos Wireless HiFi System. Using the Sonos Controller for iPhone, you can find and play music from your Library or Music Services, link and unlink Zones, set up additional Sonos components and Music Services, and more. Unfortunately the music sharing functionality of a computer is not present on iDevices like the iPhone or iPad. That is why we recommend that you share your music from a computer or network attached storage. Once that share is established and that computer/NAS is turned on you should be able to manage your music and control it from your iDevice. Thank You, Jason C
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Hi Jason I know that you can control music on a PC or laptop but the issue is the laptop ios not always switched on. I do have a Sonos Dock but would prefer NOT to have to use that and simply press play on my iPhone or iTouch or be able to select tracks on my iPhone Sonos app and play. Is there any reason why Sonos do not allow this feature? Many thanks Paul
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Thanks for responding, Unfortunately mobile devices like the iPhone do not naively support the protocol we use for file sharing (SMB). Also sharing music files for streaming requires a strong and stable connection to the network at all times, especially if there are multiple songs playing in different SONOS Components at the same time or the music is in a higher quality format. Sonos cannot guarantee the strength or stability of a existing wireless network and does not recommend using a wireless connection to share music for that reason. I hope I have answered your question fully.
What if I don't have a laptop