iPhone music & podcasts skip

  • 19 March 2019
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Hi All;

I understand that this is a common refrain on here, and I'll admit that I have a complicated and not-entirely-understood wifi system in my family's house. Whenever we stream long tracks from an iPhone to the sonos system we risk the system fast-forwarding through the track. This is unpredictable, and usually happens somewhere between four and twenty minutes into the track. It doesn't ever seem to happen with Spotify, or when streaming directly from mixcloud.

I believe that our system consists of a router plugged into ethernet which connects to a sonos device via ethernet. I'll edit this part of the post once I figure out more.

I was hoping that someone could take a look at the diagnostics and see if there's any advice for us.


diagnostics: 953741444 (this is with two "skips" on longer music tracks in recent history)

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