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I updated the songs app last week. can no longer play music or podcasts stored on my iPhone through Sonos. Have tried re-installing app - rebooting wifi etc. Can somebody assist. Thanks

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Are you sure they reside on your phone. Most of the time I see this complaint the user has a new phone and while they think they are on the phone they actually are in the cloud and have to be downloaded to the phone.

There is also a switch under the actual iPhone setting / sonos / to include music library from phone that can be inadvertently turned off sometimes. Make sure that switch is turned on.
Hi, the music is on my phone - as are the podcasts - the button is switches on to allow to share to Sonos. It was all working fine until the app update.this is music I downloaded from CD's onto my Mac and some bought through iTunes - podcasts downloads from iPlayer radio etc.
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If the switch is on. Really be sure they are not in cloud. If you put phone in airplane mode and wifi off they still play?
No - music doesn't play when on airplane mode - although it did in January when I was travelling - haven't changed phone and did add the music to this phone - all odd and beginning to hate Apple.
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It's in the cloud. Download it all back to phone or sync with iTunes.
And today everything is back - like magic. I did nothing new. Thank you Chris.


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