iPhone iOS 12, Sonos Play 5 9.1, Airplay not working

Hello, I updated both my iPhone and my Sonos Play 5 and Airplay is not working anymore. It shows up in the list on my phone, I can choose it, but when I press play it disconnects itself. Playing through the Sonos app still works.

I also have an iPad mini 3, also updated to iOS 12, and it works fine.

Diagnosis just sent to support, #765696329.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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Had the same issue (disconnection from AirPlay after a few seconds) after adding a Play:1 to the network.

Fixed by turning my phone on and off. Let’s hope it lasts!
Same issue. I open my Sonos app and my music library, I play from the music library, then touch the song to change the way it plays to my Sonos speakers-- it shows up as an option, I touch the Sonos speakers, and it connects for a few seconds and then drops. Every time. For weeks now. Absolutely unacceptable. It's shocking to me that i need to call customer support to play my consumer music product. And this is turning into a pattern. This is like my third serious issue with Sonos requiring phone support. At the minimum, with such abysmal reliability they really should have 24/7 support for these horrible products. My rating? 1 star. I'd give it a "0" if I could.
Same issue here. Phone sees Sonos device in list of airplay devices, tries to connect then gives up after a few seconds.

Clearly a bug. Hoping for a fix soon.

Same issue ... 😞
I’m experiencing the same issue since a week. It was working fine before. Only thing I (think) changed is that I added new accessories to HomeKit. Previously the Sonos One was the only registered HomeKit accessory.

Was anybody able to resolve this permanently?
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I’m experiencing the same issue intermittently. My iPhone 8 Plus sees my Play:5 Gen2s, connects, but then when I select music to play in the Apple Music app, it starts playing (no audio, but the indicator moves) for 5 seconds, then drops.

Restarting the iPhone doesn’t always fix it. Sometimes it eventually starts working again for a bit (like a day or two), then stops.
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I had a firmware upgrade on my wireless device and saw the same issue.
I tried to power cycle all router / wifi, etc... no change.
Finally just restarted the phone and it worked fine. I rarely think of doing that but it's surprising the number of time that works.
Just restarted my router, power cycled my Sonos speakers and airplay working again. Will wait to see how things work tomorrow. Considering the beam and this issue could be the deciding factor.
To be honest the whole AirPlay thing has been hit and miss since it was launched. Beyond this latest bug (where it does not play at all!) the other majorly frustrating issue still yet to be resolved is the stopping of playback when adding a song to the queue on the iOS device.
Same issue here. Phone sees Sonos device in list of airplay devices, tries to connect then gives up after a few seconds.

Clearly a bug. Hoping for a fix soon.
I am also having the same issue. Using iOS 12.1 and Sonos One - Version: 9.2 (build 46357250)
Hardware Version. Just realized it didn’t work on Thanksgiving when I tried to play music from my phone - disappointing and hope a fix comes. Already tried all the reboots suggested on this string.
Thanks, Chris. I gave it a shot. Unfortunately, it didn’t resolve the issue.
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Could be a networking issue with the iPhone. My first step would be go to wifi settings of phone and forget your home network. REboot phone and router. Then add back wifi to your phone and see what happens.
Same issue. Seems to be several topics started around this. Airplay sees Play 5. Tries to connect, then drops connection. (iPhone 8, 12.0.1)
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Hi there, jonathart. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. To verify, it does not work on your iPhone but it does on your iPad? If this is the case, it may be a problem with how the phone is recognizing AirPlay devices. If both devices are having a hard time getting your Sonos to come up via AirPlay, it may be best to give our support technicians a call to have a closer look in real time.