iPhone Content Stopping/Skipping - Update on Troubleshooting

  • 21 August 2018
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I have been experiencing similar issues to others when trying to play podcasts from my iPhone library - stopping or skipping after a few minutes. Logs identified network disconnections.

My solution:
- Simply changing the channel from auto to specific channel on router did not work, after following troubleshooting guidance from Sonos.
- I purchased a Sonos Boost and specified a new channel on the new network just for Sonos, at least 5 away from the router. You might be able to achieve the same without a boost if you read below on channel conflicting devices.
- I moved the wireless devices at least 30cm from each other.
- I unplugged anything that might be on 2.4GHz from the power - retested and no skipping detected.
- With the Sonos and Router powered on, I reintroduced the other devices (cable box, Apple TV, Sennheiser headphones)
- It appears that my Sennheiser headphones were the likely issue. Based on the Sennheiser article below, when powered on the headphones will look for a free channel and select that one. By powering off and and back-on in sequence with a dedicated channel for router and Sonos already active, the headphones seem to have selected a new channel that does not conflict.
- Retested and so far no more skipping with podcasts on iphone. Successfully played a 49 min podcast with no interruption.


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