Iphone Connectivity to App.

Ok.  This may have been covered before so apologies. 

I have a number of original Sonos products (1/3/5/Playbar & Sub).  I have recently changed my internet provider which gave me a new router with better speeds.  Since this has arrived I have had no end of issues with connectivity to the IOS App on my Iphone 12.  Today I have rebooted the whole system and set up the whole thing as a new set up.  Deleted all the apps on all the devices, basically started again.

It seemed to be ok.  My ipad has never had any issues nor has my MAc Desktop and MacAir, it just seems to be the iphone.

Any ideas?  Sinc sitting here typing this, I have just set up the remote control with the playbar and all of a sudden it has a mind of its own - muting and then coming back on.  I have invested loads of money in this system and really want it to get back to how it was.



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Then that is the problem:


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What router are you using?


We have just changed to BT Smart Hub 2.



Then that is the problem:


Good morning I’ve also had numerous connectivity issues with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

I’ve had to reboot, restart, constantly refresh and still lose connectivity most days. I have a Sonos move and a Sonos gen1 play 5. It’s becoming hugely frustrating as every time I tried to turn the music on by my phone it just loses connectivity and says I need to reconnect my sonos devices. I also recently moved and changed my Internet provider to Plusnet which I had in my old house and didn’t have a problem, so I don’t know if that’s the issue in this new house..?? Please can anybody help. 


You’d be much better off opening your own thread with all the details, rather than tacking your issue in to a thread that has already been marked as ‘answered’. 

Ok thanks for that.. 🙂