Iphone app won't connect to beam


The Sonos phone app is not connecting/ finding the Sonos beam, i.e. When I got to the Sonos app, it does not discover my product during setup. When I first installed the Sonos beam, the app worked but it stopped working without any changes to the system or network. I haven’t been able to get it working since.


My setup   

  • I have a sonos beam connected to my TV using HDMI-ARC. The TV has a ethernet connection to the router.
  • The beam works fine as it is playing the TV sounds.
  • I have no other Sonos devices.
  • The beam is not connected to the router directly (only through the TV).
  • I have 2 wireless networks - one from  eero and other from FIOS router.


I have tried the following but without success

  • reboot the beam
  • install/ reinstall the Sonos app
  • rebooted my phone
  • tried connecting to beam using 2 different iPhones (don’t have an android phone to try)
  • tried from different distances (close to the beam and further away)
  • setup both wireless networks on the TV and tried connecting with both networks  

Any ideas

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  • I have 2 wireless networks - one from  eero and other from FIOS router.


Is your Eero in bridge mode? It needs to be.


Does the eero need to be in bridge mode even if I use the router wifi network directly on my phone?

Without bridge mode the Eero primary is a router. It would therefore set up its own private subnet, dividing your local network.

If there was any possibility of the Beam connecting to the Eero WiFi then, with the phone on the router WiFi, it wouldn’t be able to see the Beam. 

I set the eero to bridge mode and switched my phone to the Eero network and the app is still unable to find the beam.



Any other ideas?

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Can you connect the Beam directly to the router with an ethernet cable like your TV?

I just resolved it using the following steps  

  1. Connect your Sonos to your router via Ethernet cable .
  2. In my case, the Sonos beam required an update which I installed.
  3. Use the Sonos app to access the settings - it will prompt you to disconnect your ethernet cable so disconnect the ethernet cable.
  4. Go to System>Network>Networks remove your old network
  5. .follow the standard Wifi set up process for a new network.

Hope this is helpful to anyone who runs into this.

I was lucky that my router isn’t far from the Beam so a wired ethernet connection was possible but may not be so for many folks. This is a design flaw in the beam/ Sonos app and should be fixed by Sonos.