iPhone 6+ not connecting unless full wifi bars.

  • 17 February 2017
  • 3 replies

Sonos app on iPhone is asking me to connect to wifi when wifi is below full bars (but it's already connected) ever since an update of the sonos system.. iPod and iPad working fine.. haven't updated those because they're the only way I can use Sonos now when further away from the router... Any ideas?? Thanks in advance

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3 replies

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I have the same problem. When I'm farther from the router, my phone won't find the Sonos system, Even with a boost.
Not an iOS user, but I've heard turning off WiFi Assist can help with connection issues.
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jgatie has a key solution for many people.

Wifi assist uses your cellular network to improve your experience on the phone/tablet... but your cellular network can only help you get to internet services/pages/data your cellular service cannot get to assets that are on your network. So if your phone is trying to be "helpful" and supplement your wifi connection with cellular data usage... you will not see the Sonos system.

It is shut off by going to "settings" ... "Cellular"... then scroll wwaaaaayyyy to the bottom of all apps and shut of the "Wi-Fi Assist" slider.