iPhone 4 app not playing queue

  • 11 March 2014
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I have a Sonos Connect interfacing with iTunes on a Win 7 PC. When I use my iPad app as a controller, I can create a queue and when the first track in the queue finishes, it automatically plays the next track in the queue. When I use my iPhone 4 app as a controller, it will not automatically go to the next track in the queue. I have to select each track in the queue to play it.

1 reply

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Hello Bob,

When you're using the iPhone, what is the source of the music? The controller you use to add a track to the queue doesn't edit the way in which your Sonos players are going to play it. If you using the iPad to tell Sonos to play an album from a music service, or use that iPhone, the players are going to access the Spotify service the same way both times.

If you're seeing this issue off of the library on the iPhone itself, you might be having a problem with the iPhone's connection to the system and it's dropping out after finishing the song that's playing. If that's the case, you'll want to start with troubleshooting the iPhone's connection to your network. Check the channel on your Sonos system and make sure it isn't overlapping your router's. See if you have this problem with the iPhone near the router versus further away.

Can you please submit a diagnostic from your system and reply back with your confirmation number?