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  • 7 August 2019
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Hi folks

ITunes has modified its policy of downloaded music and Sonos accordingly has opted to remove the 'On this iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch' feature. I’ve read the article Sonos put out, it made sense, but my listening experience has taken a turn for the worst.

It looked good on paper, but in practice not so good. Let me explain.


I have iTunes synched with my devices. If I am sitting on my couch and endeavor to listen to music in my library, I’ll go in to my iPhone and press a few buttons and hopefully listen to whatever I want. But, if my Macbook air is in sleep or energy saving mode, I have to get off my rear and physically log on to set the music from the laptop. There is no problem if the music originally is played from the Macbook. This is some serious “Highlander stuff”, there can be only one… way of playing synced music from allone devices.

Podcasts – upload the downloaded?

The Danish national TV and radio is called DR, and they have podcasts which are enjoyed by the whole family. However, under Sonos 10.3 we’re having difficulty playing a podcast, which has been downloaded onto a phone from DR’s webpage. These podcasts are not available in streaming format, and thus we have to get an LG Bluetooth speaker instead of the seamless Sonos WiFi-based interface to enjoy that form of entertainment.

That’s not right!

Our connected Sonos network should be able to play a downloaded podcast from an iPhone without having to upload it to a streaming service. Maybe it can indeed, but I didn’t get the memo.

Am I thicker than a bag of rocks, or is there really no solution? Please advise.


Brød på Amager


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4 replies

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In Settings, AirPlay you should see a list of compatible speakers on your network.
Thanks to both of you for your responses. They are both valid and make sense, and for that I say thank you.

Shake1020's solution is a good work around, and Nik9669a's proposal is great, although apparently my speakers are too antiquated in order for me to use Airplay since the only compatible speaker is the Beam which we use for the TV, not the three others spread throughout the house, as per the article below.

I do believe that Sonos should make it easier for customers to ascertain which hardware one possesses. Example:
In the article, it says:
"The following Sonos speakers are compatible with AirPlay 2:
  • Beam
  • Amp
  • Sonos One
  • Playbase
  • Play:5 (second generation)
When I look on my "about my Sonos system" I get the following concerning one of the speakers:
Hardware Version:
Series ID: A101

It doesn't say "Play: whatever (whatever generation)" which can be frustrating for the owner. Perhaps Sonos should either
  1. include a sub-link which helps people identify their hardware easier or
  2. tweak the about my Sonos sytem to include:
  • an additional line of text with a layman's name of the hardware
  • an Airplay 2 compatibility indication ✅ or ❌
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On the podcast do you have a Airplay capable Sonos speaker? If so you could Airplay the podcast to that Capable speaker and group in the non capable speakers to hear the podcast through them.

A One and a Beam: both support AirPlay.
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On the Computer issue, Just turn off the sleep settings and power saver settings so the computer never goes to sleep(you can turn the monitor off if it is separate from the computer) Then you will always have the option to start music playback from your phone.

On the podcast do you have a Airplay capable Sonos speaker? If so you could Airplay the podcast to that Capable speaker and group in the non capable speakers to hear the podcast through them.