iOS App loses Sonos system

  • 8 December 2019
  • 4 replies

Often when using the Sonos App on my iPhone app will say it cannot find the Sonos system. This happens (like just now) when I haven’t moved, nothing has changed, the app just loses connection with the system. Sonos’ pat response is to blame the Wi-Fi network, suggesting I reboot my router, this is despite everything else working fine and being able to access the Sonos system via Alexa and other interfaces. I have had this problem with 3 different Sonos systems and Wi-Fi networks. After some indeterminate period of time the app will connect again (usually having lost a few rooms that come back gradually). I wish Sonos would stop blaming everything except their own app and work out what causes this ongoing problem. 

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4 replies

Do you have a Sonos device wired to your router?

Does your router have two bands i.e 2.4GHz and 5 GHz?

Does your network have any access points or extenders?

Do you have 'wifi assist' enabled on the phone? If so best to disable it. 

On one of the 3 networks, a Play:1 is hard wired.

2 of the networks a dual band but each band has a different name, so you can tell what you are connected to. 

1 of the networks uses Mesh APs.

i will disable Wi-Fi assist 

Why do you have 3 networks? No wonder you have problems. Wifi assist is the least of your worries. 

You almost certainly need to put two routers into 'access point' mode (aka bridge mode) so that everything is on one network.

The immediate suspicion is that the phone is flipping onto the wrong network. 

But we need more information.