IOS app in limited mode but I never joined any beta program.

  • 6 December 2016
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I had one Sonos Play 1, tuned with trueplay. I tuned it using a borrowed iPad because I normally use my sonos with my Android Phone. Recently I have added another Sonos Play 1 to create a stereo pair (L+R). When creating the stereo pair, the trueplay calibration was lost and this time I borrowed an iPhone 5 to perform the trueplay calibration. Unfortunately, when I connected the ios Sonos app to my setup this morning the menu options were very limited and did not contain the trueplay tuning option. Browsing the forums here I figured the IOS must be running in limited mode because it thinks I am running a beta version of the sonos software on my setup, but I never joined the beta program. On my android phone everything looks normal.

Does anybody know what is the matter and maybe how I can resolve it?

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4 replies

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Check the versions here
But if this is the same phone as before, and even if it isn't, make sure that the iPhone app is updated. If you are still having an issue check in the "About my Sonos" and check the versions on each player and controller.
Go to Settings/About My Sonos System on the iPhone. What's the version of the controller? What's the version of the PLAY:1s' firmware?

If the borrowed iPhone's app version is out of step, the options will be restricted. However you might wish to consult the phone's owner first before updating it to the latest version. Once you do so, they will then be compelled to update their own players' firmware.
Thank you for the prompt replies. As I am at work now I cannot check the versions of my sonos, but I found out that the IOS version on the borrowed iPhone 5 is 7.1.1 (it has been lying around in a drawer some time i guess). From what I see on the versions url, I need to upgrade the iPhones IOS and that will fix the problem.

Thanks so far. I will let you know once the trueplay tuning has succeeded.
I updated the iOS of the iPhone from 7.1.1 to 10.x. After that I updated to Sonos 7.0 (which was released in the mean time, probably not really necessay). After that the true play option was available in the Sonos app and I have succesfully tuned my sonos system. Thanks again for the help, it pointed me in the right direction.