iOS App 5.0 On iPhone Prevents Phone Alerts From Sounding

  • 27 May 2014
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Since the app "upgrade" to 5.0 I've noticed that none of my iPhone 5 audio alerts are working at times. I know Sonos taps into the volume buttons when the app is open and I'm sure this issue is related to this function somehow. To trouble shoot this problem I closed the Sonos 5.0 app from running in the background and all the audio alerts can then be heard. This is repeatable every time. Load the app and you won't hear the phone ring when someone calls, you won't hear the text audio alerts at all. Close the app and instantly all the audio alerts work again. I know this probably isn't the place for this but I want to be sure you guys are getting this feedback, here's my 2 cents on the new iOS app design...DISLIKE IT IMMENSELY. I do like a couple of the new features (search all music services is great and the new rear surrounds setting option for music are great additions) but the app is a pain in the rear, especially on the iPad. 1st, Why is there no volume control when viewing the music art screen??? The old app had a volume slider there (and all the shuffle/repeat/crossfade settings, direct access to the Rooms for linking, adjustment of position in the currently playing track). Now you've gotta tap off the art screen and tap or swipe again to get to those settings. 2nd,We now have more to work with when the iPad is vertical, the Queue shows up in vertical but not when horizontal. This is crazy and not as easy as the prior app. The prior iPad app gave you a view and control of EVERYTHING when in the horizontal position. Thankfully the 5.0 app didn't replace the original app!! Wish I had that option on my iPhone. I think it's ironic, Sonos won't make an app for the Windows phone (which I'm not a fan of because it's all tiles) and now the new Sonos 5.0 app looks just like a Windows phone...tiles tiles tiles. Yuck! Okay, that was more like my 50 cents worth. BTW, I am a custom installer and now I'm fielding lots of calls from clients who aren't happy with the new app.

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4 replies

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The new app is screwing with my phone's sounds also. Join this thread to show your displeasure..
I have the same problem with my iPhone running iOS 10.11 and version 7.0. Pretty annoying that I can't listen to the system for fear of missing client calls.
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Have you switched off lock screen controls?
I'll give it a shot. Thanks!