iOS 12 Trueplay and Alexa Sonos One Issues

  • 26 September 2018
  • 3 replies

I tried using Twitter support to help resolve the issue, but it seems the rep there is fed a script that the recently released iOS 12 is somehow beta software. I dunno where to report iOS 12 Tuneplay incompatiblity with my Sonos One.

I also need help with reintegrating Alexa because I had to restore my Sonos One to factory settings, and the app won’t allow me to re-add Alexa.

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3 replies

What error are you getting on TruePlay when you try your Sonos One? I'm not at home right now to do some testing, but I'll do some tonight, as I've got iOS 12 on a new Xs, and probably should test it myself.

Not an expert on Alexa, I've got it installed,but haven't touched it since day 1. What app are you trying to add it with? Might be helpful to provide more information for those here who have more experience than I do. Most often, folks recommend completely disassociating the app from Sonos, then doing a fresh install. I also note that for some reason, your Sonos account doesn't have a region associated with it currently, so that might be something to fix before trying to install Alexa again. I don't know, honestly, if they have it regionally locked, but I know that some streaming services require a location to be identified before it will show up in your Sonos software.
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Hi guys, there were some server side issues with Alexa and Trueplay today. The Trueplay one has been sorted out now and should be up and running. The team is still working with Amazon on the Alexa trouble. (The issues were unrelated and happened to coincide).

We’re currently working on certifying Trueplay for the new iPhone XS and XS Max, they're not supported just yet. In the meantime, you can run Trueplay from other supported iOS devices. More here:
Thanks for the update, Ryan. Fortunately, once you've done TruePlay, it is good until you move the speakers, so all of my rooms are already "done". I won't try to test on the new phone yet, until I see an announcement that it's available.

Hmm. But I still have my older 7 Plus with iOS 12, so I'll double check anyway for the OP using that.