iOS 12 battery drain while using Sonos app on iPad Pro

  • 21 September 2018
  • 7 replies

Noticed after updating my iPad Pro to iOS 12 and leaving the Sonos app on standby causes massive battery drain due to background activity. This was not the case before with the latest version of iOS 11.4.1

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7 replies

Same issue here with IOS 12 on an IPhone X and Sonos 9.0.1. It sucks 25% of battery in an day !!! Please patch it Sonos...
Same here. I’m generally at 70/75% battery life left at the end of the day. Yesterday I used Sonos out in the yard for an hour and a half with no other phone activity and I had 45% battery life left last night when I plugged in. All I did was open the app, start a Sirius radio station and let it play.
Might be useful to Sonos if all three of you were to submit a system diagnostic and post the number here. There could be data in the diagnostic that would help them track down this issue.
Ok Done ! 599793286
any reaction Sonos ? it does continue. tonight 70% battery life pumped by sonos app 9.2 just in background activity.... HELP PLEASE ! diagnostic 541317125
i found something. In the advanced settings, i had the sharing of data with Sonos activated. I turned it off and now everything looks fine with battery life using Sonos app. Even let it open in background all night long. 🙂
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I’ve started experiencing this too. I added another play 5 to my house (I now have 2 x play 5’s). Since grouping the two units my iOS 12, iPhone 8 Plus drains *astonishingly* fast. I’m amazed at how much background usage there is and how fast my battery is draining now.

Perhaps the latest Sonos controller version and the last software update to iOS has produced a combination that drains the battery in some new way?

Could it be iOS and grouping 2 speakers?

Whatever it is I’m amazed at how fast my battery is draining since the latest updates and since adding a second Sonos to my house. It’s crazy.

This was never like this before - I never really noticed the usage. Now Sonos is flattening my battery in half a day all by itself. It’s mad.