Internet radio frequent dropouts

  • 19 December 2018
  • 4 replies

I have experienced frequent dropouts on Internet radio (Tune-in recommended BBC R2) from 9am to 10:30am
Can the diagnostic data confirm that my issues are due to broadband signal dropout, rather than WiFi or Sonos problems?
My Boost is hard-wired directly to the router. Broadband speed is usually good - 10mbps+ - but speedtests today have given very erratic results with some fails on upload speed.
Diagnostics confirmation number is: 974056712

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4 replies

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Unless your wfi is particularly bad or slow then you shouldn't be seeing drop-outs.

Just to flush out any IP address issues reboot the system as follows:-

Turn off power to router, Sonos units (all), computer, phones, tablets and anything connected to your wi-fi.

Then re-start router, wait a few minutes for it to connect to the tinternet. Then restart your Boost and wait a couple of minutes for it to get sorted. Then re-start your Sonos units and after the rest of the gear you switched off.

If that still doesn't sort you out make sure your Boost is as far away from the router that the supplied cable allows and/or it isn't near any other sources of wireless radiation (cordless phone eg).

If still having issues check your router 2.4GHz channel is manually set to 1, 6 or 11 (not set to auto-select) and then in the Sonos app ensure the channel is different to the router - If the forst bit was ok try changing the Sonos to the other free channel.
Thanks Stuart
I'll run through that tomorrow, just to be sure.
My Boost is fixed on channel 6, and router set on channel 13, and physically around 2.5 meters away. No cordless phones nearby, but electrical consumer unit is there too. It would take some serious reconfiguring to move things to a possibly better location.
I was using the PC (hard-wired to router) at the time, and that kept dropping connection too. Hence, I want to rule out any Sonos problems before tackling ISP (again).
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I'd try and get the Boost away from the consumer unit though I'm not sure they give much interference. With interference you can find that even tiny adjustments can make a large difference.

If after you try the above it still persists submit a diagnostic and post the number here. Sonos can review thee data and advise further.