• 27 October 2016
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Bought the SONOS system on recommendation however I live in Western Isles of Scotland and the Internet connection is not the best. We bought the connect amp along with 2 x 3 play speakers. and 2 tannoy speakers for for our bar to give us some umph on party nights. Before I was using a Bluetooth connection from downloaded content via Spotify that was great. Now it seems to be on the whim of the connection, even though the content on spotify has been downloaded. When our connection goes down SONOS doesn't like it one bit, even though our spotify content has been downloaded! What's the solution?

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2 replies

Sonos can't directly play the Spotify content you downloaded. That's only accessible via the Spotify app on the device where the downloaded music is actually stored.

Since you have a CONNECT:AMP the simplest solution is to wire the audio output of your phone/tablet/computer to its Line-In jacks. You can then play the downloaded content using the native Spotify app when the internet is on the blink.

There's an option in room settings to 'Autoplay' the Line-In source whenever it detects a signal.
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Also, you can buy an Amazon Echo Dot and wire it to the back of the Connect:AMP. Then you can stream via Bluetooth from your downloaded spotify folder to your Sonos system.