Interference when using turntable through line in

  • 14 January 2017
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Hi, hope you can help. I've read through similar threads but am not 100% sure if my issue is exactly the same.
I have a turntable and a Samsung soundbar linked to my Connect.
I also have a Play 3 linked to my system, and generally records are sounding great through my Play 3 and Soundbar, playing through the Line-In.
But, every couple of minutes or so sound will cut out for a fraction of a second from the Play 3. But will carry on playing through my soundbar. This is the issue!
I've read about wifi interference and have tried changing wifi channels on my router but this hasn't helped.

Can anyone suggest any other troubleshooting I should try? Thanks.

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1 reply

To answer my own question, I tried changing the Audio Compression in Advanced Settings to Compressed and this seems to have resolved it....