Interference by wireless TV senders

  • 8 January 2009
  • 2 replies

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Does anyone know of a good wireless TV sender that doesn't interfere with a Sonos setup? Tried a couple now and even after changing channels on both bits of kit I could either get a good quality signal between the ZP100 and the controller or a reasonable TV picture but not both! Before I buy another unit such as a Digisender does anyone have any experience with this? Many thanks.

2 replies

Well, it's not wireless, but how about a modulator? It takes a signal, modulates it onto a frequency and sends it back up your TV antenna cable. You can then tune in like any other station on all TVs in the house that are hooked up to cable.

I have used one from Axing, but had problems with stereo sound. Also, modulators won't transmit remote comands.

You will have to bypass the filter box on the location where the modulator connects to the "wall".
Also, modulators won't transmit remote comands.

I'm not sure if they are available any more but the Rabbit can be helpful.

Also, the Xantech INJ94, BYPASS94, CPL10, and CPL94B are a good resources.

If you need to carry frequencies above 1GHz on the cable, none of these gadgets is a good idea.


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