Interaction with Audio In jack and paired speakers only playing on the Left designated speaker.

  • 27 November 2016
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I have my Echo Dot plugged into the Audio In jack of my Play 5 in my Bedroom. I have the Play 5 in the bedroom grouped with the other speakers in my house.
The audio from Echo Dot ( Audible books) plays throughout the house but in the family room it only plays on One Play 5 speaker not both . The family room speakers are paired. So the book plays thru the Left designated speaker only.

This is also true in the Living room where I have 2 Play's 1's paired. The audio only plays thru the Left speaker.
In the Kitchen I have one Play 5 and the book plays on that one fine.
So the issue seems that when the speakers are paired you can only hear from the Left hand side speaker.
When I play music not utilizing the audio in jack the pairing works fine.

Is there a way to resolve this?
Thank you

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5 replies

Are you sure you are using a stereo 3.5mm cable? A mono cable will look exactly alike, but will not have the two channels separated on the plug.
Well that may be it I just used the cable that came with the Echo Dot....thank you for pointing out that there is a difference. I will try to order a stereo cable...thanks again.
I checked Amazon and they said the cable that comes with Echo Dot is a 3.5 stereo there anything different that I should be looking for....? Thank you.
A stereo 3.5mm cable has 2 indented rings around the plug (silver) part. A mono only has 1.

I'd also check to ensure that they're plugged all the way in to both devices. I've frequently seen issues when I have been careless myself, and only pushed the plug in part way.
Thank you both so much for the awesome information!! It is has been very helpful and I used a new cable with my Echo Dot and now my Audible books broadcaset thru both speakers when paired. I am very grateful for your time in responding to my question !!