Insufficient internet speed for playback

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Tried to play music and tracks start after several seconds then stop. Message pops up that Playback not possible because internet connection insufficient to maintain buffer. Speedtests show between 6 - 8 Mbps (don’t laugh please that’s not bad for rural Spain). Surely this is enough for playback, unless of course connection is dropping between tests? Compression set to automatic if that makes any difference.
Advice please?

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I don't think the speed they're referring to is your connection to the outside world, but instead the connection of the speakers to your local wifi network. You've been around long enough to ask... are you on Boost or Standard mode?
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Thanks for that, certainly not on boost. Was attempting to play on my Lounge Connect which is connected directly to my router via Ethernet, so I can’t see how my WiFi is the source of the problem. Could be though that I’ve totally got this opinion wrong and WiFi is affecting it, that’s why I was asking for advice as I just don’t get what the problem might be. I connected via cable to router precisely to try to avoid WiFi problems.
Thanks again for the response, appreciated.
No worries. You've been around long enough to know most of the things, I suspect, and I just didn't think it might have been actual speed of your connection out or inbound. But I'm not 100% sure, either.

But you say you're playing on a CONNECT, not a CONNECT:AMP, so it could indeed be the speed / connection issues between the speakers and the CONNECT.

So, in your case, I'd probably start with the standard network refresh by unplugging all Sonos devices, then rebooting your router. Once the router has come back up, plug back in the CONNECT, since it's wired to the router with an ethernet cable. Once the CONNECT has come back up, move on to the next speaker, and plug that one in, ad nauseum for the number of speakers you have.

Although I suppose it's possible that you may have a wifi interference issue. Worth looking at the Wifi Interference FAQ, just in case.
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Thanks for taking the time to respond. Will try advice given. Much obliged.


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