indexing has been causing problems for about 4 weeks

  • 6 February 2017
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Following my last re index when i added 2 new cd's about 15 tracks

It took about 10 hours and lost most of my library ...currently running with 64450 ..about 550 under the 65k limit, first re index came back with 6800 tracks removed and readded the main share on a NAS which after waiting another 12 hours came back with the same number ...did the same again removing both share drives, there is a couple of thousand on another share drive, and readding both came back with less than 5,700 tracks .... set it to remove both share drives again last night and readded them again about 6.00 pm, again last night, checked this morning ..... still indexing, ......... home from work at 5.00pm to find it had stopped and ...better news it's now standing at 58840 tracks ...which i will live with for now. but still about 6000 tracks not showing

why is it taking so long ...i keep within all the parameters by using MP3 Tag and it has worked fine for the last 4 years,
i am unsure what to do now ...i used to reindex every few days would at the most take about 10 mins.
the set up is the same ..... and i am definitley not a very techie type person..... I know a great deal about music but only very little about the technical side of SONOS ..... i just like listening to my music cd's ...streaming a as continuous mix when i am at home where to go to resolve this problem. any help much appreciated (a very frustrated musie)

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7 replies

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I'm now debating whether to try a further re index overnight and tomorrow, when i wont be using my system to try and get back the last 6000 tracks ....even if it does take 24hours ...also is there any way of knowing how far re indexing has gone at any point there are no indications apart from the standard screen message which says re indexing ....
I was unsure over the last few days whether anything was happening at all.
Assuming the Connect and Connect Amp fall into the "older model" category I wonder if this problem will eventually force a refresh of these products? There are a lot of systems out there built entirely on Connects and Connect Amps and this is a pretty major hit in functionality for those folks. I don't know how much Sonos can do trade offs and compromises within these models before they have to start selling an updated version with enough memory to support the current full feature set? On the other hand if it only affects ZP80 and ZP100 units then it's not as big an issue.
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Well it's 10:42 i've just listened to a few tracks on my SONOS and now have asked it to re index once more, which i would expect, the way it is currently performing will probably take into tomorrow afternoon, with hope that my remaining 6,000 tracks will reappear ..... i'll return to this posting tomorrow evening to update.
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well early riser at 6.00am all appears finished as the indexing has stopped ...and all remaining tracks are back, with the track count at 64454, so for now's all good. so back to the music...
If all your Sonos devices are of an older vintage, indexing will take longer because as of a couple releases ago, there is no longer enough memory to do an incremental update, so it does a full scan every time. If you have at least one newer model, it will do the incremental scan and pass the index off to the older models, but an all older model system can't do this. Not sure which models constitute "old" vs. "new', maybe a Sonos rep can clarify. But if you have all older models, this may be what is happening.
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thanks i would need to update part of my sonos set up to get back to where i was, last month with all of my new tracks going on to my system within 10 minutes or so ....i will check this out ..thanks
thanks i would need to update part of my sonos set up to get back to where i was, last month with all of my new tracks going on to my system within 10 minutes or so ....i will check this out ..thanks

Yes, it seems the older models had to give up something in order to fit the latest firmware, and the incremental indexing was scrapped.