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URL For Currently Playing Song / Queue

Hello ladies and gentlemen, It's my first time posting to the forums. I tried searching through the threads to find an answer, but I couldn't. I realize a lot of work has been done to access the ZP...

Noise when connecting TV/DVD/PS2 to ZP100

Hello, when I try to connect my TV, DVD-Players or PS2 to analog audio in there is a static noise in the background. It's not very loud, but it's always there. The noise is not there when I listen to...

Wireless Channels - Are Three Enough?

I have been having all sorts of RF problems with my Sonos network recently. I discovered last night that my router was automatically selecting a supposedly free channel automatically, which may wel...

NAS drive electrical interference

I recently starting experiencing electrical interference between one of my ZP100s and my Buffalo LinkStation Pro NAS drive. The two units have co-existed side by side for some time now, but now when...

ZonePlayer Diagnostic Webpages

A while back I was provide some information on how to access the diagnostic webpages that are in the Zoneplayers. I have searched the FAQ's and cannot locate the information. I would be grateful i...

Streaming icon

Provide an icon to show whether a ZP is currently streaming wired or wirelessly.

Multiple copies of a song, which one gets played?

Gday, First post here, long time user of Sonos but just curious about this. If I have 3 copies of a song, all named the same, but in 3 different directories, and of 3 different formats (FLAC, MP3, WAV...

Controller frozen / hung - reboot not working

My CR100 controller has hung and I've tried the mute/music buttons together a number of times (longer than 10 seconds) and its not responding at all. Do I just wait for the battery to discharge? Its...

connection to Rhapsody was lost... Diagnosis?

I can't get Rhapsody streams to play anymore. It's been great for months. The phone technician came over yesterday to look into quality of service issue. Started yanking connections and cables. Confi...

QoS: Sonos doesn't prioritize music traffic on its network?

Hi, my Sonos setup is also used as a wireless network bridge to bring internet from the router to the office room, since adding network wiring is difficult and costly in my flat. Livingroom: phoneli...

Where does Sonos decode files

I'm wondering how/where sonos decodes files. In other words I have my stuff ripped to Apple Lossless. Does each ZP do it's own work? And does sonos support ALAC natively or does it have to do some jig...

Create Sonos playlists from iPod/iTunes?

I have a fairly large playlist (almost 700 tracks) currently on my iPod that I would like to use as a playlist on my Sonos. Is there any way to convert or import this to a Sonos playlist?

Frequent crashes out of the blue

I've had my Sonos ZonePlayer 100 and hand controller for a couple of years now. I use the ZP100 with line-in for audio from our TV, and it's worked brilliantly until yesterday. Out of the blue - hav...

Question on updating music index

Hi everyone - maybe someone can help. I have just added lots of music onto my Buffalo hard drive. I then selected 'Update Music Index Now' - I think its added the music but the message on my handheld...

Power down

I'm a new Sonos user with a very simple question, should the Zoneplayers be unplugged when left unused for several weeks or is that likely to cause problems when switching on? David

Controller Completely Dead

I picked up my controller, unplugged it from the charger and it didn't wake up. If I plug it back in, the orange light comes on, but otherwise there is no sign of life. It's around eight months old....

Desktop software, Two locations

This may have been answered before, but I cannot find it by searching.. Desktop Controller S/w: I have three locations with Sonos (Home1, Home 2 and Office) and a laptop running Desktop s/w that mov...

Breakup on line-in channel

I'm experiencing bad audio breakup when listing on a remote (wireless connected) Sonos to media coming through the analogue input on the Sonos base station Digital media from the base station play fi...

Large Commercial Installation - Suggestions?

So I am putting together a bid for a Hotel/Bar installation. The owner is excited about the Sonos system and having the whole building's music centrally controlled. The bar is the space in question...

poor digital-out quality of Sonos ZP-80?

Does anyone agree with me (or has the experience) the digital audio output of the Sonos ZP-80 is of a (very) poor quality? Howcome is that, can anyone tell me and are there possibilities to internally...

New System, No Music Too

I have a new system - very excited. I bought the Sonos bundle from Best Buy and the Zone Bridge on-line from Sonos. The Zone Bridge arrived today - I set-up using the disk that came with the bridge an...

Squeezebox support?

I've had a Sonos system for around a year and a half and my Sonos controller just failed. It won't re-boot at all. I'm going to call the Sonos support tomorrow to see if there's anything else I can...

Spaning tree and Sonos

Good afternoon, all I have 4 zoneplayers conected to my network. They're all homed into a single switch over ethernet, but it looks like 2 of them are not operating like I would expect on spaningtree...

T3 Awards - Vote for Sonos

Get your votes in guys... http://awards.t3.com/?uid=19909

Better Shielding from Wireless Interference

This is the most important issue with Sonos for me. Presently it doesn't work very well in cities where there are a lot of other wireless signals.


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