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Not sure where to start with AirPlay issues, undefined devices, general setup

I am new to Sonos as of this month (Jan 2019) and am so confused. I wanted to give my two sons each a smart speaker that sounded better than Echo. I currently have 1 Beam and 1 Sonos One speaker and 2...

One of my rooms has disappeared from the app

I have two play 1 speakers, one in the lounge and one in the dining room, the dining room has disappeared from the app, I’ve tried to add the speaker again, both wirelessly and connected to the router...

Adding Play-1 to my beam

Just bought the beam and it sounds amazing. I have a sonos play-1 in another room, I want to set them up to be able to play music between the two of them but I do not want it to be the surround sound...

Turntable produces no or low volume no or low volume on Sonos 5 line-in connection

I have an AT LP-120, which I understand has a pre-amp. I want to hook it up to my sonos 5 via the line in. With the switch set to line out on the turntable, and the sonos five showing a line in connec...

netflix 5.1 audio dropouts sonos beam

hi there - I keep getting momentary audio dropouts when watching netflix with Dolby 5.1 selected. it will just last a half second, audio cuts out, then returns. also experiencing lip sync. all goes...

One of my Playbar stops sound output and a power reset does fix it.

I have 2 playbars and sub setups on different TV's, both Samsung. Only 1 has the following issues Stops after a long continuous use of mainly streaming (foxtel, Netflix, Stan) stuff but could also be...

Sonos PlayBar -> Solid White Light

Hello Support, A months ago, I had bought a Sonos Playbar. It worked for 2 days and the suddenly stopped while listening to Spotify. A solid white light came in and never go away. I read this commu...

My Sonos keeps cutting off songs before the end

Since the latest software download, my Sonos system will not play a single song to the end - they cut off about two thirds of the way through

There is no "Add a Player of SUB" in Manage on my PC System

I have a Sonos system and just purchased a new Play:5 to go with my other 3 "older" Play:5s, a Play:3 and a Play:1. The instructions say "select Manage > Add a Player or SUB" since I am using a PC. Th...

Setting Max Volume or Gain On Sonos Amp

Hello, New member here and first post. I have had a vintage Mcintosh amp hooked up to a connect for some time and love the Sonos experience. My Mcintosh amp keeps acting up and I’m considering...

Sonos speaker still not found by controller

I've rebooted several times - gone through white and amber flashing lights to get to green flashing light - but still the speaker is not found by my contoller. I've switched wifi on and off too. Event...

Power cable to bridge died, replaced bridge, lost all my stuff

DX#: 845191947 Bridge stopped working, turned out to be power cable, but put a new bridge in and lost all my settings, speakers, playlists, stations, everything, had to start from scratch. Is there a...

Random Starts

My SONOS connect.amp in the bedroom randomly starts playing music, no one is playing music. The first time i noticed it I cleared the queue, the next time I noticed it occur it was playing spotify. I...

Music skipping when playing from iPhone

Hi, I know there are loads of threads about this, but wasn't sure whether to piggy back one of them or start a new thread. Sorry if this is bad etiquette. Brief summary: Since I bought some new Sono...

Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen

After updating to 9.0 on iOS, I am getting the message "Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen" on all my updated devices. The lock screen controls stopped working on all my controlle...

Music stops

I have had a Sonos Play 1 for a few years that works fine so bought my daughter one for Christmas. Her Sonos Play 1 keeps stopping so what can I do?

Apple Music Not Connecting or Stops Playing Through Remote

In the last week, Apple Music has either been starting/stopping in the middle of songs or errors show up on controller app that songs can not be added to queue or that Sonos can not connect to Apple M...

NBN issues with Connect Amp and Sonos One

I'm in Australia and have recently had the NBN installed. I own a Connect Amp which is connect to my record player and Bowers & Wilkins speakers and i also have a Sonos One connected to this system. W...

Each speaker plays independently, but when I try to Group them only one will play.

I've been trying to resetup my whole system (4 separate speakers) on a new router. I've finally got to the point where I am running everything on wifi now (I did this by initially connecting with the...

Is it me or,,,, Amp

Coming from a connect amp to the new amp I was expecting that my B&W AM-1 would be much louder then the connect amp with double the watts. Normally on the connect amp my neighbor across the street w...

Connect: White LED Dims, Flickers; Audio Drops; Device Cycles; Repeat

My Sonos connect is misbehaving. It is hard-wired to my UniFi switch, as is my PC (where the controller is running). These are the symptoms I have been experiencing for a few weeks: 1. Music stops....

Can’t change room settings

Try to change room settings in app and it asks for me to sign in however I’m already playing music from apple in the app - when I sign in it says to use the email that was used to set up account and...

Pandora station won't play

This one is strange. One of my Pandora station will not play on Sonos. The others are all fine, just this one. I can select it, but when I hit "play" it just does nothing. This happens from either the...


I recently bought a new wifi router/access point an ASUS RT-AC88U Once I switched over to it I found that I had sporadic access to my Sonos speakers (Play 3, Playbar + Sub). Sometimes I could connect...

Playbar volume only changes when I'm three feet away

My TV remote works with my playbar, but I can only change the volume when I'm close to the playbar.


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