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All Sonos speakers stopped working

From one day to the next, all of my Sonos speakers stopped working. I tried to play one of my stations on Pandora using the app on my phone, with no luck. All speakers have the green light on and appe...

Keep getting 1001 and 1002 errors but only on one speaker

Keep getting 1001 and 1002 errors on a Play:1 when trying to play a Spotify playlist via the Sonos controller. If I go directly through the Spotify app it doesn’t work either. Used to work fine but...

Beam keeps dropping connection

My beam keeps disappearing from the app Diagnostic number 781955220

Sounds stuttering when watching anything with 5.1 audio

When I watch anything with 5.1 audio the sounds stutters. Stereo is fine. Diagnostics code: 1931080101

Disney Circle Killed My Sonos

I installed a Disney Circle and now my Sonos system won't work. The app won't find any devices on the wifi. Reinstalling the Sonos app did not help. What do I do? Thanks!

Error 1001

Hi! I’m trying to play music from Spotify and every time I click on a song it comes out that an error has occurred (error 1001) and the music just won’t play, what can I do?

Surround speaker cut off after installing boost

Just got a system containing a Sonos Beam, sub, and two Sonos Play ones. It worked great for about a week, then I started to notice the rear play ones started to cut off while watching movies. It only...

Surround speakers cutting out

Hi - recurring issue with my 5:1 set up (playbar, sub and 2 x play 3’s). Whenever I play music, connection is rock solid. Watching Tv, I have recurring issues with the rear speakers cutting out for 30...

Sonos:Connect - resetting and stuck with solid bright white light

I bought a Sonos:Connect 2 years ago and connected it to the rest of my Sonos network - two Sonos:1's and a Boost. It's all been working fine until a week ago (exactly 2 years to the day since I boug...

"Sorry - Content is not availabe in your territory"

Hi - I'm based in Switzerland and trying to listen to a particular UK radio station. TuneIn says "Sorry - Content is not availabe in your territory". Outside of Sonos, I can fool TuneIn through VP...

Sonos beam stops and skips Spotify songs

Since a week I have a Sonos beam and today it started to give errors connecting to Spotify. It happens after 15 to 30 seconds into the song and then skips to the next song, which also give and error,...

iPhone and iPad songs don't work

A few songs will play, and then it will start cutting off songs, skipping, etc. The message is "Unable to play song (SONG NAME) BECAUSE iPad 25 is unavailable. Launch the Sonos controller on 'iPad (2...

Cannot re add Play 5 gen 1

It will go through the entire setup process up until it says "Please be closer to the router". I have no issues with week wifi in my house. Everything else connects and works fine. I have 12 or more z...

Sonos Connect pulsing white light in front, all Eth LEDs blinking in back

I have 2 Sonos Connects running in my house which I always used in sync. For the last few weeks they have been acting extremely unstable, constantly disappearing from the app. Today one of them comple...

Songs Connect box is unresponsive: All 4 Ethernet lights blink non-stop as soon as the power supply is connected!

I have enjoyed my Sonos Connect box for more than 6 years. No issues in the past, until a few days ago. Without any obvious cause, the Sonos Connect became unresponsive and all attempts to recover it...

Ambient/Hissing Noise from Rear Play:1's when on

I recently got the 5.1 surround set up from Sonos, with 2 Play:1's at the rear. The rear channels are not in use every moment as it varies from content to content, and what I noticed is that when the...

Songs on NAS not showing under artist name

I'd welcome help about unexpected behaviour on some of my NAS-stored songs. I've reviewed everything appears to be correct as per this sticky: https://en.community.sonos.com/troubleshooting-228999/mus...


Sirius XM stopped playing through Sonos. Called Sirius, reset everything, reloaded apps and when I try to add Sirius to my music services it tells me the Siriusxm server does not recognize the creden...

Unable to play - the connection to TIDAL was lost.

For the last 3 months I have suddenly been unable to play any music from TIDAL through the Sonos app. When I go to play a song it gives me the error 'Unable to play - the connection to TIDAL was lost...

Sonos One surround speaker consistently stops playing aound

I have a surround setup with a Sonos One on the Left and Right. The speaker on the Left will stop playing sound every 2 minutes and won’t play again until I hit the volume up button. Once I tap the vo...

Speakers are not syncing properly

I have three sonos ones (two for my living room and one for my kitchen). They do not appear to be syncing properly when played as a group. Please help. Diagnostic number 1762754193

One play one not visible to all controllers

I have two play ones on my network and recently one if them has become visible only to my wife’s iphone and intermittently to my own iphone. The rest of the Sonis products we have are still visible t...

New One ticking

Hi, i have bought a new One today to creat a stereo pair and the new speaker appears to 'tick' out of time with the beat. It seems to be syncronised ok but there is a definite odd sound coming from th...

Support please on Spotify and BBC Radio playback stopping after a few minues

Hi, I have a SONOS system that has had consistent trouble with playback from Spotify and BBC radio. Sometimes it will work fine for a number of hours, other times it will stop after a few minutes. My...

Airplay stopped working with my Sonos One setup

I can usually throw a podcast from my iPhone to my Sonos One set up. I start by playing it in the living room and then adding the bedroom in the kitchen so that is playing all over the house. But ri...


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