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Sonos Sub not producing bass

My Sonos sub sometimes works with my Sonos 1 but only rarely and often only after I manipulate it. Moreover, my music often skips and stops playing... My diagnostics number is : 444678909 Help woul...

LG magic remote power button turns volume up on beam

When the beam is on the power up and down works fine from the lg magic remote. However the power button seems to also make the volume go up. Beam is connected via arc hdmi. Ive tried setting remot...

iPhone music & podcasts skip

Hi All; I understand that this is a common refrain on here, and I'll admit that I have a complicated and not-entirely-understood wifi system in my family's house. Whenever we stream long tracks from...

Unable to play from Spotify for last 24 hours

When trying to play music from Spotify, i either get an error that it cannot be added to queue, or the music simply doesn't play and it slowly cycles through songs. Are others seeing the same issue by...

trouble connecting 2 Play5 to record player

Hello dear Sonos-users,I've got a question. Today I've bought a record player and connected it to one of two Play5 in my living room. Connected via 3,5mm jack. The problem is that only the direct conn...

Connecting to Itunes library

I am unable recently to connect to my iTunes library. Message I get @unable to add the shared folder //Desktop- NKCDOKJ/Music' . Worked fine before. no problems with Amazon just the downloaded iTunes...

Radio 4 dropping out of tunein intermittently

For the past 3 or 4 days i have been losing only Radio 4 from my Sonos system. By the time it comes back again, the station has moved on. I am now having to carry my old fashioned radio around. Has Tu...

sonos beam issue with chromecast

Sonos beam is attached to TV with HDMI ARC. It is working fine with a settopbox and PS4 connected. When a chromecast is connected to the TV, the sound keeps coming from the beam, no problem. But, when...

Sound switching on and off

I have eleven Sonos speakers installed in my network. From time to time, the sound is switching on and off on individual speakers or for an antire room. Can happend if I play in one room or multi room...

Controlling Sonos home theater volume via TV remote vs Sonos iphone App

My house is wired for Sonos. In the media room I have a Sonos Playbar, subwoofer and left and right speakers. My TV is a Sony x900F and I have an Apple TV (4th Generation). I have gone through all t...

Playbase no longer on wifi

After about a year of my playbase working fine, the wifi no longer works on it and it can't see my other speakers. I have contacted sonos over the phone three times, submitting a diagnostic number ea...

Audio dropout

I experience regular audio dropouts mainly when streaming radio but also happened playing from my NAS drive. I’ve submitted diagnostic report 1658039737. Tried changing the channel but still dropped...

Bad network connection, skipping line in

I'm pulling my hair out, so hoping someone can help. I'm mostly having issues with my turntable dropping out especially when I play to multiple speaker groups. I've tried wiring more things in, tryin...

"group" speaker clustering keeps getting un-done

I have lots of speakers that I keep configured on "party mode", so that they are all together in one group. This grouping seems to be very temporary, and peculiarly susceptible to any hick-up: momenta...

Reducing delay of tv sound

I have several connects throughout the house as well as a few sonos one devices. They are all hardwired. In two areas I have TVs with line in to Sonos. When playing sound especially if grouping zon...

My cloud home and Sonos losing connection.

My Sonos and My cloud home keep losing connection, it will be playing a playlist then comes up with unable to connect to my cloud home. I don't know how to fix this, is it Sonos losing the cloud or my...

Some speakers (and room) no longer showing up in the controller

My Sonos has suddenly gone awry. I went to start streaming music through my living room, but I can no longer select My living room as it does not show up in my list of rooms. It seems as though only...

Sonos Play 5 Gen:2 will not connect to WiFi at all

So I have owned my play 5 about a month, never had any issues, was set up to my WiFi within 15 mins after I opened it and I have never had to touch it again until today. First Sonos app cant find my s...

My Netgear Router Has Started Freezing Since SONOS Attached

I'm new to Sonos, and I've had a Bridge, Connect:Amp and 7xPlay:1 speakers working for about 4 weeks. The Boost is wired to my router (a Netgear DGND3700v2) and all other Sonos components are WiFi con...

Hay Sonos One - Cannot connect to New Router

Hi Gang, When originally setting up my Hay Sonos One, it was a breeze. But, once I swapped routers it has been a nightmare. I am in IT, so im no stranger to doing basic troubleshooting steps. But,...

new Boost wont connect to existing Play 3s

I have three Sonos Play 3s attached to my WiFi network. . Single group as follows: - Kitchen single - Living Room Left and Right pair Router and WiFi access point are one floor up directly above...

2129435508 Sonos one question marks

My sonos One(2x) surroundspeakers are shown as ? ? After a while.

Sonos AMP dead

Ive sold thousands of pieces of Sonos gear in my career. This is the second "dead" Sonos AMP i have installed in the last four months. You guys losing it?

Cannot get Playbase to rejoin Sonos

Play base was on the system in a group with 2 Play:1s. Playbase is also connected to TV using Optical input and Ethernet . They all dropped off the system. I tried to reconnect playbase but the light...

Unable to play X, lost connection to apple music

Hi Since setting up my sonos 5, it is unable to play music from any streaming services. It plays 10 or 20 seconds of a track and then stops saying it has lost the connection to the streaming service...


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