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Poor sound quality 5.1 configuration with stereo/PCM tv audio source

Hi, I have a playbar + 2x play:1 for 5.1 sound configuration connected to my TV via optic cable. When I'm playing Dolby5.1 movie the sound is ok, well distributed between playbar and the 2x rear Play:...

Unable to play X, lost connection to apple music

Hi Since setting up my sonos 5, it is unable to play music from any streaming services. It plays 10 or 20 seconds of a track and then stops saying it has lost the connection to the streaming service...

Changed WIFI and having problems

I changed my WIFI network a few months ago and now my Sonos system does not work as well as before. Alexa is not really working at all, and some music services aren't working either. I am thinking of...

Room Issues/Can not play music

A week or ago, I unintentionally assigned a room to "line in," I thought at the time I was choosing the same room I had, I only have on room with a speaker. Since then, I have had trouble playing mus...

ZP100 Dropping From Network

Hello All, I have a ZP100 that constantly drops from the network after roughly 3 minutes of playback. The unit has been used primarily as a connection in my living room for a powered sub woofer and...

Speaker Unable to Connect

Sonos has worked great for us in the past, but it’s now throwing an error about being unable to connect to my music service. It will play a song for a couple seconds and then fail. Perhaps wireless...

Lost connection to Slacker Radio

I use Slacker radio on a daily basis through my sonos play5's and for the last 3-4 weeks it just stops in the middle of the song and goes to the next one. The controller pops up and says it lost conne...

WiFi connection of 1 play5 disappeared

The connection of a speaker suddenly has disappeared, i send diagnostic code bere: 1198502619

Can't play anything!

Very frustrating. Pandora just won't do anything. Spotify gets me an"unable to add songs to the Queue message. Yesterday, I could play from my library but today I get n "unable to connect" message. I'...

Sonos not playing entire song on iTunes

I am playing music from My Music (purchase iTunes music) on the iPhone and Sonos will not play the entire songs. It just skips to the next song...Any fix?

Problem with audio in movie / tv Sony kdl65w850a

Hi I have a Sony kdl65w850a that has a sub. Playbar & two sonos 3’s as a 5.1 set up. We ALWAYS struggle with speech in any movies or shows we watch. We have enhanced the speech the via the app. No imp...

Trouble connecting remote to beam bar

Hi, just purchased the beam bar, trying to connect my tv remote to it, i follow the on screen instructions where it asks me to press "+" once, it detects my tv remote but then it asks me to press "+"...

surround sound

surround sound, no music or sound. sound bar is working

Speakers no longer showing up after update

After the most recent update to both my speakers and the controller app, only 1 of my speakers shows up. I have 3 speakers including play 1, play 3, and play 5. The play 5 is the only speaker that sho...

Sonos not able to play music anymore. Update fails. Sonos is stuck!

Cant play music anymore neither with service like spotify not from server. Error message says it can't play music. I have a sub, a player, 2x 1, 2x3, 2x 5. Internet speed is very good. Rebooted router...

Base not working on Play1

My base seems to be going out. Makes a rattling sound and doesn’t really have base sound any longer.

Sharp Aquos - no sound coming from Sonos bar

I have a Sharp Aquos (LC-65LE654U). I have connected Sonos Bar directly to TV using digital optical cable, however, there is no sounds coming from my Sonos. If I stream music from Sonos (no involv...

Problem with Soundbar - TV sound not working

My sound bar has been working fine for years but just stopped working. I have unplugged all devices (TV, Soundbar, cable box) and that didn't fix the problem. Have turned on and off the variable (op...

Out of sync

Out of Sync

Controlling Sonos via LG Smart TVs - remote issues

Recently been reading a number of posts relating to people not being able to control Sonos using lg magic remote which I have also been experiencing problems with. I have recently upgraded my tv from...

Spotify connection lost - how to fix?

Seems a common issue but no definitive solution: for a few months now the connection to spotify is lost. I can see my playlists and choose songs, but it will not connect. I have tested spotify and...

Changed wifi network but not seeing SONOS wifi for setup

I changed our wifi network. Followed instructions on the App per the support link( https://support.sonos.com/s/article/1061?language=en_US . Got to a point where I am asked to switch the network on my...

Radio stations in unsupported format

I am unable to stream wgbh or wxrv radio stations using either tunein or my Tuner. I am able to stream several other stations, eg wbur, wers or wumb. Troubleshooting advice please. - thx

LG magic remote power button turns volume up on beam

When the beam is on the power up and down works fine from the lg magic remote. However the power button seems to also make the volume go up. Beam is connected via arc hdmi. Ive tried setting remot...

Poor connection to Tune In Radio

Hi, I seem to struggle to get a decent connection to Tune In Radio - it keeps cutting out. It seems not to be a problem when streaming say Soundlcoud. It is really frustrating! Any ideas? I have sent...


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