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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Diagnostic Reports - How do they work?

Are you curious about our diagnostic reports and how they work? This topic is meant to help paint a little more detail around what happens when you submit a diagnostic report and when it's a good idea...

Tips for common Sonos problems

Running into challenges with your Sonos system? Here you'll find solutions to some of the most common problems. Check the status of the most popular music streaming services Streaming music to Sonos...

Sonos System keeps cutting out.

My Sonos system keeps dropping its connection and cutting out. I have a hub with 1 Play One and 2 Play 5s playing off if it and they all keep cutting out. I submitted diagnostic #1153172313.

Incoming Phone Call - Sonos Starts Playing On It's Own

Something really strange keeps happening. Whenever I get an incoming phone call my Sonos system will automatically start playing music on one of the speakers in my Sonos network. My set up is all A...

Play 5 will not connect to system

I'm tearing my hair out on this one - I have a system set up with a Sonos Bridge connected to my router (BT) and a Play 1 and Connect (with turntable connected) quite happily set up in a different roo...

Sonos System becomes undiscoverable every so often

Maybe about once or twice a week the Sonos system in the house just decides to not work. All of the speakers become non discoverable and all of the apps say they can't find the system. The Playbase h...

Does playing vinyl records through Connect actually work? Or should I return my Connect

Got a Connect with the purpose of being able to play my vinyl records through Sonos. I have several speakers across two rooms. The sound is great but it keeps cutting out / breaking up all the time,...

Sonos and IMac - Unable to add the shared folder "//iMac/Music" to your music library (1002)

IMac running High Sierra 10.13.6, with Sonos controller on the Mac running fine for years then I recently added some music to iTunes reindexed the music library and it disappeared! On the advice on t...

Music cutting out before the end of songs

Music is either cutting out completely or cuts to next song before the end of songs. Any ideas?

Onkyo doesn't "work with Sonos"

My new tx-rz830 onkyo receiver "works with sonos" says connect could not be found. Would love to know if it's a fix needed on the only side or Sonos. I'm thinking not Sonos cause I was just on the pho...

Spotify app slow finding Sonos

I have a wierd scenario since moving my 2 Play1's to a new wifi network. Before moving the SPotify App could easily see them as devices. Since moving it can't see them by default. However, once I open...

Sonos upgrade now music dropping when iPhone sleeps

Hi, I have an iPhone 7 running the latest iOS 11.4.1, and just updated the sonos app. Now whenever my phone goes to sleep, the music from my iPhone library stops playing. Tried sonos e support, no res...

Sonos suddenly went mute

We have a soundbar and 2 Sonos 1 speakers. Theyve been set up for a year or two. This morning the app says they're playing, but there is no sound, not even static. Volume is on. Diagnostic code 46...

Podcasts - randomly stop

Often when I’m listening to podcasts (from my IPhone) a podcast will randomly stop mid stream (in different parts of an episode). I then have to restart the podcast and find my place again. It can hap...

Poor sound quality 5.1 configuration with stereo/PCM tv audio source

Hi, I have a playbar + 2x play:1 for 5.1 sound configuration connected to my TV via optic cable. When I'm playing Dolby5.1 movie the sound is ok, well distributed between playbar and the 2x rear Play:...

Airplay Feature asks for onscreen code?

Just updated to V9. Tried running Netflix and other apps then clicking Airplay, Select my Sonos One, then prompted for an onscreen code. Not sure where to get this as I’m not Airplaying to a TV where...

Surround speaker keeps cutting out

1130509359 My left rear play one cuts out of surround. Will start up momentarily (2-3mins) when adjusting the volume or resetting the power.

Play 1 drops out of surround system

My Left Surround keeps cutting out and then drops from setup. The Right is starting to do the same. I can still control the volume/pause/play from the Right Surround, but it stops playing. The left...

Keeps cutting sound in/out

1935654370 It cuts out when streaming radio via Alexa command through echo dot devices and also when phone mirroring via Apple TV 4 rooms: Two x 1s one 3 one 3 two 1s+ woofer + soundbar (with Ethern...

Play 3 speaker dropped off tried to re-add it but cant

diagnostic 2033901890 Speaker dropped out for no reason. Now when I try to readd it via app it cannot be found. No green light, no white light. Tried everything Any suggestions?

Sonos sporadically stops playing in the middle of songs

I am ready to give up on this product. Just submitted diagnostics, # 1362819229. I have a rock solid wifi network, nothing else is problematic. I have 3 Sonos Play:1 speakers, all with unique IP addre...

Sonos no longing connecting to NAS

Hi. Don't know if anyone can offer any advice. Out of the blue songs stopped connecting to my Drobo 5N where my music is stored. I can see my library in the controller on my Mac laptop and phone but w...

Playbar sound audible, but play 1 sound is very low

I tried setting up my playbar and then added the Play 1 speaker set to get a surround effect. However, when i play music or movies. I barely hear the Play 1 sound, i hear is just Playbar. Its not that...

problems setting up system

Hi all, I have given up bose for a sonos setup, I am now having regrets after spending so much money on sonos equipment that doesnt work as it should, I have a sonos 5 (front room), play 1 (bedroom),...


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