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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Diagnostic Reports - How do they work?

Are you curious about our diagnostic reports and how they work? This topic is meant to help paint a little more detail around what happens when you submit a diagnostic report and when it's a good idea...

Tips for common Sonos problems

Running into challenges with your Sonos system? Here you'll find solutions to some of the most common problems. Check the status of the most popular music streaming services Streaming music to Sonos...

Radio by Tunelin

I have 10 different radio station on my “radio by Tunelin” tab. They worked fine yesterday but today, I tried to change the radio station on my Sonos speacker #2 but I could’nt find ANY radio station...

701 error occurred while adding songs to que

I keep getting the same message. “Error occurred while adding songs to que 701” I can’t play any of my songs. I have restarted my Sonos and the network.

Play 3 Stopped Working

My Play 3 has stopped working. I have tried a factory reset but the light flashes white twice a few times then sometimes seven times, sometimes five times before returning to the double flash. I tried...

Line in issue - sound interrupts all the time

Hi, Recently I bought 1x Play5, 2x3 Play 3, 1xPlay1 and a connect. I send music from my tv to the connect and the to the other receivers in the room. The sound interrupts all the time and is so annoy...

Playbar crackles

I just got the playbar and I notice a crackling sound coming from the speaker while watching Netflix. I read the posts about wireless interference but have moved the router/ modem off the tv unit, fur...

Impossible to remove alarms after controller reset?

Hello all, So, due to different reasons, I’ve had to reset my controller within the sonos app. On all of the occasions, I had a daily alarm to wake me up. Now I get 3 alarm notifications, even though...

Static from Play:1 surround sound speakers

I have noticed that crowd noise and some background music comes through my 2 Play:1 surround sound speakers with a tremendous amount of static. Diagnostic #1738115818. Very annoying. I thought I ha...

Google Play music moves to the next track before the end of the previous song

Sonos Play 1 Amazon Music unlimited works flawlessly, but Google Play music prematurely moves on to the next track before the end of the song. This seems like a lack of compatibility between Sonos and...

iPhone lock screen controls

I’m having trouble getting the lock screen controls back on the iPhone app. I have no airplay capable devices in my house (I’ve actually disconnected my Apple TV just to get lock screen controls back)...

Unable to play [radio stream] the song is not encoded correctly

Hi, been trying to play multiple radio streams and get the same error - Unable to pay[radio stream] the song is not encoded correctly. I read wifi interference may be an issue so scanned networkand ch...

Beam no longer connecting to Samsung

It’s worked perfectly up until last night. Spend the day trying all means of unplug, reset and new cables on both the TV and Beam. Still no luck. Submitted my diagnostics via Sonos app. Hoping someo...

Sound interruptions AMP

My AMP has had several sound drop outs while whaching TV. I had to disconnect it from the power source before I had the sound from the TV again

Keep getting error messages 1001 and 1002 (can't add song to the queue)

Up until recently, I've had no trouble playing songs from my Apple playlists from my phone on my Sonos, but lately, when I try, songs keep skipping or won't play at all and I see the 1001 and 1002 err...

Beam goes into mute overnight after no use

I have 5 Sonos Beams connected via HDMI to Sony TV's and Apple TV's as source. Periodically the Beams go into mute overnight. Using the Sony or Apple TV remote will not bring the Beam's out of mute. T...

trouble registering products

I had to reset my home network and so had to reset my sonos setup. I've only been able to successfully add 1 out of 4 speakers. For the 3 that are failing, I am able to add them, but then when it come...

Virgin Radio cutting our

all other radio stations play as designed however the virgin radio plays for a few seconds then cuts out then starts playing , I tried it last week and it played ok. is it because Chris Evans has sta...

second iphone added only access spotify lists of the first iphone

hello guys, i added a second iphone (my wife's), but when i access de app from that 2nd iphone it only shows me spotify lists from my 1rst iphone. so my wife can't access her spotify lists, only mine....

Music skipping while streaming from Pandora.

Hi- All of the sudden I started having this issue while streaming from Pandora where either (a) the music keeps skipping to the next song, or I get the “unable to play track” message. I use Pandora al...

Stereo pair out of sync

My stereo pair went out of sync, fixed itself or else as a result of stopping/starting audio. I’ve seen various causes in the forum. Can someone have a look at Diagnostic submitted 1393852533?

Iphone connectivity for second iphone

My iphone works great when I use the "music on this iphone" link but I added a second iphone and it does not add the same link.

spain spanish or mexican spanish for alexa?

hi guys, i am from argentina, when selecting my country alexa won't work. is it the same between spain or mexican for using alexa?

Cant reset wifi. Sonos One using wifi instead of sonosnet.

I just installed 2 Ones down at my boat house. They are mounted high and hard to uninstall. After installing them I started having issues with them showing up on app. Sometimes they would work fine...


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