Incompatible routers.

  • 1 October 2016
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I read in a post a link to incompatible routers. Mine is a Aseus RT16 and in the list it includes Aseus RT models and says "Wiring more than one Sonos component to the router causes a broadcast storm.". I have more than more component wired to my router and never had a problem. Am I just fortunate? And, what is a broadcast storm as a matter of interest?

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2 replies

The FAQ also says that the resolution is to "Update the router to the latest firmware."

A broadcast storm arises where there's a loop in the network. Broadcast packets circulate endlessly and gum things up. Since wired Sonos units can also communicate wirelessly they must take measures to stop such loops from developing. To do this they exchange a special type of traffic, and if a router/switch fails to forward it correctly a loop can occur.

You'd know if you suffered from a loop: your network would collapse. Perhaps your firmware is up to date. Or perhaps, despite having more than one Sonos component wired to your router, they aren't actually wired across it.

I've been through this. If you have the wrong ASUS firmware, network death is swift. A few seconds after wiring the second SONOS unit, the network will slow to a crawl. It's not a subtle issue.