Inability to connect with Apple Music

  • 24 November 2021
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I have newer and older Sonos components, so in one home we use the S2 controller; in the other the S1.  With either controller, either location, different modems/routers, the controllers will not allow me to load Apple Music.  This started to be an issue months ago but other priorities were more important. 

At one time the controller/Apple interface was fine.  A suggestion was made to d/c Apple Music as a service and reload.  Now, when I attempt to re-add Apple Music as a service, the S1 controller simply hangs.  I get once red circle and then a white screen - no matter what I do.  I can’t even reinstall Apple Music in the controller.  I thought - I’ll go to the web and install Apple Music through the PC controller - but it refers me back to the Android.

This is very frustrating.


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There is currently an issue with adding Apple Music to Sonos using an Android device. Sonos is fully aware of the problem and is currently investigating it.

If you have access to an iOS device, use it to add Apple Music to your Sonos account.

Thanks so much!  I can borrow an IOS, add the service and then uninstall.  I’ll let you know if any problems!  :)

Guitar -

Worked perfectly.  (My wife has an iPad Pro).  Loaded and now Controller works fine both on iOS and Android.  Thank you so much!