Improved Connect shielding needed

  • 25 October 2017
  • 1 reply

I had electrical interference on my Connect when I sat it on top of my amp (AudioSource AD508). This was causing my streaming music services playback to skip--1 or 2 second pauses in song playback. I had to move it about two feet away from the amp to solve the problem. My Connect is wired for Internet (Ethernet cable) so it wasn't a WiFi issue. And seeing the number of posts related to music skipping and interference, it seems the Connect needs better shielding. I would like to put the connect in a media cabinet with my other equipment but currently can't due to this issue.

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1 reply

I have never had this issue with a Connect sitting on a Denon amp, so it might be an amp thing. But before concluding even that, you have to isolate the problem to make sure of its source. Is the same trouble happening with local NAS play?