iMac disconnects from Sonos network whenever it goes into sleep mode and am unable to access library

  • 5 December 2016
  • 4 replies

I have owned my Sonos system for more than 2 years and have been extremely happy with it. Yesterday an issue started that whenever my iMac goes to sleep it disconnects form the Sonos network and I am unable to access my music library. I can still access streaming channels from other controllers in the house such as the iPad, iPhone etc. but I have to wake up the iMac to regain the music library which then promptly shuts down ten or so minutes later. This has never happened before, is there a setting in the iMac that I need to change other than the sleep setting? Error message states that track is unavailable to play.

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4 replies

This is completely normal and has always been so. If the music is on a computer and the computer goes to sleep the music is unavailable. How could it be otherwise?

You can either stop the computer going to sleep or move your library to an always-on NAS.
Depending on the size of the library and the router's capabilities, it may be sufficient to copy the music to a USB flash drive and plug that into the router.
Thanks for the advice chose the easy route of stopping it going to sleep. Now researching an always on NAS
The WD MyCloud NAS drives are reasonable straightforward to use and not too expensive. As with all NAS drives, potentially of use for more than Sonos, for example scheduled backup of computers on your home network