• 23 January 2017
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Can the play1 connect to my iMac and play my music from iTunes ????

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4 replies

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In the Sonos controller go to settings.... manage music library - point your library to the folder on your MacBook over the network.
Yes but it tells me to connect the Sonos using a android or iOS device
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You can set up Sonos using any controller. You can download a controller app to your Mac.

Hopefully this link works:
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And I will just add a brief comment just in case (based on how you asked the question...) You likely are, but just in case you are not... be aware that the Play 1 plays music that is in your music folder because you tell it to do so and tell it where it is located, you tell it this via the controller...

The device itself plays the music independently - It is not a computer speaker that will play any audio sounds your computer makes.... but yes, it will absolutely play the music that is in your iTunes library.