Ikea Symfonisk not playing nice with my current setup (3xOne, Play:3, Play:5 and Boost)

  • 10 August 2019
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I recently purchased the Ikea Symfonisk Lamp and I'm having issues since then. When I start music from Spotify within the Sonos Controller app, it will stop for a few seconds then restart and stop again and again for about a minute or two until it stabilizes. Sometimes my whole system stops, sometimes only a couple of speakers will keep playing.. it varies a lot. Either the current song will keep playing or it will skip a few tracks saying there was an issue. If I pause the music for more than a few seconds, it happens again.

I had a similar experience with the Symfonisk bookshelf before swapping it for the lamp. If I disconnect the Symfonisk, everything returns to normal.

I reserved the IP Address in my router, the lamp is about 7-8 feet away from the boost.

I submitted a diagnostic : 474058569

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thank you!

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30 replies

As you are using the Boost then I would suggest you check the following...
  1. That the SonosNet channel in Advanced Settings in the Sonos App is set 5 channels away from the main router 2.4ghz channel.
  2. That you reset/remove any Stored WiFi credentials in the Sonos App “Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup” section, if present, as they are usually not required when running your devices on SonosNet.
If the problems persist then try a different Router/SonosNet channel, but ensuring you keep them well apart to prevent any overlap of their signals.

Hope that assists.
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Thanks a lot Ken, I will try both suggestions!
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The Wifi Channel was ok (SonosNet on 6 vs Wifi on 11) and I cleared the wirless credentials. I still experience the symptoms but it feels like it recovers a bit quicker.

I'll wait to see if my diagnostic reveals anything. For the time being, it's bearable... after the recovery, it never fails until I pause it again (which doesn't happen that much). It's just strange that I never experienced this until both times I added a Symfonisk speaker to my setup. It's a new product so I guess it's somewhat expected to encounter a few bugs.

The Error Log doesn't say much. I get these 3 errors. Always from streaming Spotify (which works fine outside of Sonos)

  • Unable to play the selected item.
  • Unable to play XXX - the connection to Spotify was lost.
  • Unable to play XXX - the file cannot be found.
Thanks again for the help!
Do you know what wifi channels are least-used in your locality? There are free WiFi scanner Apps that can find that info, particularly for Windows, or android devices. It may pay to scan and find the two least-used wifi channels that you can set the routers WiFi and SonosNet to and that might help to improve things, or just simply switch both between 1, 6 or 11 (keeping them separate) and see which two channels work best for you.

Give them twenty minutes /half hour, or so, to settle down too before changing them.
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That's what I did and I saw that Channel 6 is barely used in my neighborhood. SonosNet was already on this channel.

The issue seems to be with Spotify only though... If I use TuneIn Radio it works flawlessly. Spotify as itself seems to be working fine at the moment if I use it outside of Sonos.

Another strange thing : If I switch from TuneIn Radio to Spotify without stopping the music, it works every time with no issue whatsoever. But if I pause even a few seconds in between, I can replicate the issue 100% of the time.

Thanks again!
You could try removing the Spotify music service, power off/on every speaker to clear them and reinstall the service and see if that solves the issue. That would be my next thing to try.

I usually power off all Sonos devices and the router ...and then bring each one back online, one at a time, giving each device time to settle and connect, before moving onto the next, in this order...

  • Router
  • Wired devices
  • Wireless devices (starting with the nearest to router, then next nearest and so on).
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I did everything you mentioned exactly waiting 4-5 minutes between each device and I'm getting the same results.

I submitted a new diagnostic in case someone from Sonos wants fresher logs : 779798671

I'm still pretty sure it has something to do with the Symfonisk since I had this issue with the bookshelf speaker also. The pattern seems consistent : All my speakers stop playing one after the other in the same order (Symfonisk always first) until only one remains (always the same One 2nd gen) then they all come back online after maybe 30 seconds. Once in a while, a few songs will skip.

I have a bit more free time today so I'll try different setups... with/without the symfonisk, I'll try to plug it into my router directly... stuff like that.

Thanks again, really appreciate it.
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I'm seeing that my Network Matrix is horrible... mostly orange and the boost itself is red. I have many devices in a tight spot so I'll try to move it around.

Streaming was fine before but maybe I crossed my threshold and the boost is unable to handle that many devices with that much wireless noise.
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It looks like this. The strength between devices seems good but the devices themselves aren't doing so well. I'm not sure if this is relevant or not.

There’s a lot of noise/interference around the Sonos Boost showing in the matrix, that often indicates it is sat too close to the router. If that is the case, then try to move it at least 4 feet away, or better still, as far as it’s supplied Ethernet cable will reach. That should help improve things. Connections from the Boost to your speakers otherwise look excellent.

By the way, you can have 32 Sonos devices (not Rooms) in your household, so your Boost is nowhere near it’s handling limit, just to give you some reassurance about that point.
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I did move the Boost away and got it to alternate between yellow and orange and I'm still having the issue.

Then again, it's only 30 seconds at the beginning and always in the same pattern (see above). It doesn't feel like a network problem, the skipping wouldn't be as consistent and wouldn't stop so quickly. After that, I can stream for hours without any issue as long as I don't pause the music.


Maybe it’s time for Sonos Support Staff to take s look at your diagnostic information. Can you kindly run a few tests that cause the audio dropouts and immediately submit another diagnostic, or two, and post their reference back here. Then we can try to draw the Support Staff attention to the thread to take a look and see if the diagnostic info reveals any issues and further suggestions for you to try.
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Reference Number : 531204076

Here's what I did just before submitting. Music was playing flawlessly from all speakers since I got home about 2hrs ago. Didn't notice a single dropout.

  • Pause/Unpause from a speaker's button (2-3 seconds interval)
  • Got the dropouts - returned to normal in about 30 seconds
  • Skipped a few songs - Everything was ok
  • Pause/unpaused again - Got the dropouts
And just in case, here's another diagnostic about 10 minutes after all this happened. Music is playing fine now. Ref.852371893

Not sure if it's relevant but both times the diagnostic took much longer than usual to send. I'm using the controller on a Windows 10 PC wired to a stable and fast Internet connection.

Thanks again for your time Ken, I sure hope someone from Sonos will catch this post.
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@jregnier In your report I see that your main speaker in the group is the bathroom unit, and there it's having a hard time communicating with your Boost. This may not be enough to cause an issue on its own, but when you have a group of 5 speakers, there's more bandwidth in play. Try using a different speaker to create the group. Also, look around and in between your Boost, Bathroom unit and Living Room (L) speakers for any third party wireless devices which may be nearby and causing interference. Common sources of interference include cordless phone bases, wireless cameras, wireless baby monitors and the like. You can try relocating the speakers or third party devices, or try different wireless channels.

It's also a good idea to set your home wireless network to a static wireless channel that is different than your Sonos system's channel. Many routers are set by default to automatically change your router's wireless channel, which can cause interference when the channels overlap with Sonos.
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Wow thanks Jeff... I think you fixed it!

I picked a different speaker to create a group and so far it works perfectly. Did many (many many) tests and I was unable to recreate the issue. I did try to recreate the group before but I was always picking my speakers alphabetically.

The Boost is indeed in a crowded spot for wireless interference with my router, smart hub and all... I'll work something out, it can only help.

Thanks again to you and Ken, have a good night!
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@Jeff S : I experience exactly the same issues as described jregnier. BUT I did not ad a Symfonisk to my Sonos speakers, instead I replaced a Play:5 by a Synfonisk. The Synfonisk is now placed exactly where the Play:5 was before.

In addition: I experience exactly the same issues even if the symfonisk is NOT grouped with any other speaker.

My configuration is set to use sonos-net.

I‘m pretty sure there is something going wrong with firmware, network drivers or even with the hardwaredesign of symfonisk.

Why otherwise would I not make the same smooth experiences with Symphonisk as I did with all my SONOS devices (4x Play:1, 3x Play:5, 1x PlayOne, 1x Playbase)?

Could you please reach out for product development and ask for the known differences between SONOS and Symfonisk?

Thanks, Roger

It might help Jeff if you were to provide him some hard data to pass on to product development, by submitting a system diagnostic, and posting the number here.
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@HoshiAtFiba, while we're always happy to look into potential issues, the SYMFONISK hardware is based on Sonos hardware for certain devices, and shares much of the same chips. The software is also the same. As the case with jregnier above, it's most likely network or environmental issues that you're seeing here.

We'd love to look into it with you if you want to post a diagnostic we can check it out.
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I think there is something wrong with the IKEA Sonos models. I can’t even get them to get added to my Sonos setup

i spent an hour on the phone with Sonos support and they didn’t even seem to know what the products were.

There only suggestion was reboot my router.

Ok ok nice try there.

I have a UBNT network which is awesome. All my WiFi works fine. All my Sonos work fine. Except these damn IKEA Products.

I think I’m returning them next week. Waste of my money
Do you have one of your Sonos devices connected to the root device of your UBNT network with an ethernet cable?

Conversely, have you tried wiring the IKEA devices to the root node of your UBNT network, temporarily, in order to see if then they will show up in your controller device?
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@Ryan S: Thanks for your reply. I did some testing and changed my setup. To summarize my findings and proof my statement above:
  1. If any of the SONOS-Speakers is connected directly to a switch by ethernet-cable, the SONOS-Net is enabled. All SONOS speakers are working perfect.
  2. If any of the SONOS-Speakers is connected directly to a switch by ethernet-cable, the SONOS-Net is enabled for all Speakers. If an existing SONOS-Speaker gets replace by a Symfonisk or a Symfonisk is added, I experience exactly the issues that were described earlier in this thread.
  3. If none of the SONOS-Speakers are connected to a switch by ethernet-cable, all SONOS AND Symfonisk speakers are running perfectly as expected. With this setup, the Rear-Speakers and Sub (Playbase is configured for surround sound) can not be seen on my UNIFI-Controller. This means the Surround Configuration (Playbase, Sub, 2xPlay:1) does its own SONOS-Net and with that any theory of issues are caused by WiFi-Interference caused by the mix of existiong Access-Points in combination with SONOS-Net is most likely invalid.
Note beside: WiFi-Channels have NOT been changed as there was and is very little interference only (I run a scan on all of my UNIFI-Access-Points to proof).

  1. If all SONOS-Speakers and Symfonisk-Speakers are connected only via Wireless-AccessPoint EVEN if the SONOS-Net is enabled for Surround-Sound Setup, everything is working smart.
  2. If a SONOS-Speaker is connected by ethernet-cable the Symfonisk-Speaker will also be connected via SONOS-Net and as a result: a) if not grouped with other speakers: the Symfoniks does show the issues or b) if the Symfonisk gets grouped with other SONOS-Speakers, all Speakers within that Group are showing the described issues.
This means to me: The Symfonisk-Speakers do have an issue to connect to other SONOS-Speakers via SONOS-Net.
The reasons for this may be broad, but a good starting position to investigate would be the Symfonisk WiFi-Stack for SONOS-Net or also the bridging functionality of the SONOS-Net in the existing SONOS is not fully compatible with the Symfonisk speakers.

As I have the problem solved for me by connecting all Speakers directly to my access points (with only exception of Playbase Surround-Setup what I can not change), I can not provide you with a diagnosis-report anymore. Of course I could revert to the old configuration, but prefer to not do that, as I prefer not getting divorced from my wife 🙂 I'm sorry I for not suppporting you further in this, but maybe this feedback will help to narrow down the experienced issues.

How ever, a more reliable indicator to understand the impact of this issues might be the number of devices returned from customers to IKEA.

Best Regards
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Thanks for all the details. I'll make sure to pass them on to the team. From all reports so far, there shouldn't be any meaningful difference based on the hardware, but the team is always interested in getting a closer look at things and investigating.

If anyone does have trouble, we'd love to look into it with you. Feel free to give us a call and work with a technician. The best way for us to identify any issues is to see systems that are having trouble and identifying the cause of said issues.
Hi there, sorry to jump on this but I am having huge issues since adding ikea speakers...

The ikea speaker would not attach wirelessly so it’s connected to my router with an Ethernet cable. The original unit- Sonos one now keeps dropping in and out. I’ve changed the channel and now I cannot get the kitchen unit (Sonos one) to rejoin my Sonos controller- it’s a orange flashing light but no chime when I go to reconnect it and it just freezes on the chime page as I can’t get any further. I am tearing my hair out. I have submitted diagnostics- 466974423
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Hi there, sorry to jump on this but I am having huge issues since adding ikea speakers...

The ikea speaker would not attach wirelessly so it’s connected to my router with an Ethernet cable. The original unit- Sonos one now keeps dropping in and out. I’ve changed the channel and now I cannot get the kitchen unit (Sonos one) to rejoin my Sonos controller- it’s a orange flashing light but no chime when I go to reconnect it and it just freezes on the chime page as I can’t get any further. I am tearing my hair out. I have submitted diagnostics- 466974423

Thanks for sending in the report. There's a large amount of wireless interference showing up. In particular, there are 2 very strong networks that look like they're coming from a Virgin wireless device. How close is your wired Sonos speaker to the router, or any other wireless device? I'd recommend keeping a few feet in between your wired Sonos speaker and any other wireless electronics. Also, the 2 nearby networks are running on the same wireless channel as your Sonos system. Here's how to change the wireless channel, 1 and 6 look to be okay in your area.

Once the wireless interference is reduced, your wireless Sonos speakers should reconnect. Send along a new report if any issues remain.