iheartradio problems

  • 21 April 2018
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I set up an iheartradio account when I was in the US. I am now in Canada. The US iheartradio account won't work on my Sonos with Alexa because the Sonos is in Canada but the music app is US. Easy solution..set up a Canadian iheartradio account under a different email, different login name, different password and use it. I did that but no matter how many times I remove the US app from my phone and reload it, the app defaults to my US account and doesn't give me the option of telling the Sonos about my Canadian account. I have requested iheartradio to delete my US account (no way to delete it yourself) but if they are true to form they will take days to get back to me (if ever). Any workaround anyone can come up with would be appreciated.
Thanks, John

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6 replies

Just a guess here, but did you change your Sonos account to reflect Canada as well? I’m wondering if there’s a mismatch there.
Good suggestion but I did update my profile to Canada
Hmmm. I’d try two things, then. First, try a reboot of your router and your Sonos, on the offhand chance that something is being improperly cached. If that doesn’t work, I’d try submitting a diagnostic, and contacting Sonos on their 24/7 twitter feed, this being a weekend and the phones aren’t staffed.
Thanks Airjetlam. Tried that at your suggestion. No change. Can't find a real solution but I did log on to Sonos on a different machine, logged in the iheartradio using my alternate email and Sonos then knew I was in Canada and gave me access to Canadian iheartradio. Problem is my Sonos doesn't seem to want to listen to the PC version of Sonos but reverts back to the phone version. Still trying.
Have you checked to make sure that you PC version of the controller is up to date? If it's working on another controller, but not your PC controller, there's definitely something odd.

At the end of the day, all of the "settings" for Sonos are stored on the speakers, and not on the controller, so once you've logged in with any controller and set it up, it should be the same on all controllers. The only way I can think of there being some sort of issue is if the controller isn't up to date....but even then, the controller should be just pulling the data from the speakers.

So it sounds really odd to me. I'd be submitting a diagnostic from that PC controller, and getting in touch with Sonos. Either by posting the number of the diagnostic here, or contacting them via twitter now, or calling in on Monday.
I won't take any more of your time and will submit a request to Sonos. Here's one more piece of information. My Mac certainly operates the Sonos if I pick a station and push play. The reason I know the Sonos is taking it's instructions from the phone is because when I ask Alexa to play an iheartradio station it tells me it's not available in my area. That is likely because it's logged in using my US iheartradio account which won't work in Canada. On my Mac I have iheartradio Canada installed and I know that because the local stations are Canadian whereas the local stations on my US account are NYC and it won't allow me to change to a Canadian location as it only accepts ZIP codes and not Postal codes. Oh well, I didn't have much else to do this weekend anyway:)