I occasionally get a loud buzzing over the audio from Beam connected with HDMI

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@Vosabhoy, Can you follow up with a new diagnostic report so I can see if there is any changes in your system? 

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I restarted my beam and two sonus ones today.

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Hello @montrano,

Have you disabled the Quick Start+ settings as I have recommended earlier in this thread? 



The most recent diagnostic I have from you is still showing that you system has been up for 10+ days without restarting. Can you submit a current report along with the current status of your issue? 

We’ve just started having the same problem as well. 

It seems to start out of nowhere, both times mid song. 

The beam has two play 1 as surrounds and is connected via HDMI to an LG tv, which had an update around a week ago. 

It has happened twice now, starting both times when streaming youtube to the tv from our phones. We’ve tested music via deezer and playing sound from the TV normally and that works fine, but streaming from either youtube or netflix causes loud buzzing. 

The only solution Ive found so far is to turn everything off at the plug, after which it returns to normal. 

I did a diagnostic, but only after Id powered it off and on again if it helps at all. 


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Ive turned quick start off and rebooted all speakers.

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Thanks @Vosabhoy, I can see that your system is reading the HDMI-ARC connection now.

I’m re-reading to see if I suggested disabling any Quick Start+ options on your LG TV and I mentioned it to @rixcc but it should also be relevant to you since you have an LG also.

Some LG TV's have a "Quick Start+" features that has been observed and confirmed by LG that when enabled can cause unexpected audio for third party home theater devices. 
To disable Quick Start+ setting on the TV:
Settings -> All Settings -> General -> Quick Start+ (toggle to off)  

Let me know if you have already done this and if it has made any difference in your audio behavior. 

If you could also reboot your Beam and surround speakers by un-powering them briefly, this will also help.  


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Checked settings...further diagnostic 1624290399. 

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@rixcc, Thank you for the additional information.

eARC is only necessary if you have an Arc and were trying to support Atmos.

For Dolby Digital or stereo sound on your Beam, the HDMI/ARC is just right.

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Hello @Vosabhoy,

Thank you for the additional information. Your Beam is still reading as using the optical connection in your diagnostic reports. 

If your Beam is connecting via HDMI/ARC, can you check these settings in your Sonos app:

Settings → System → TV Room → Home Theater set-up.

This may force the Beam to recognize the HDMI/ARC connection formally.  


Hello @Jean C. 

I have disabled the Quick Start+ feature, but the problem persists.

So far, what has actually made the buzzing go away was to turn OFF eARC. Sound is still HDMI ARC, but there is an option to enable/disable ‘eARC’.

With eARC disabled, everything still seems to work fine. I’m just worried that I’m not getting the best possible sound quality. I am not sure it is making a difference in my case (please enlighten me), but I did read that eARC is basically an improved ARC that supports higher bandwidth.

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Hi, I have disconnected the optical cable adaptor and the beam is connected via the HDMI - ARC. 

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Hello @Vosabhoy,

I’m looking your system diagnostics back over. Your situation is a little bit different since you are using the optical adapter rather than the HDMI/ARC connection. 

Have you checked connection on the optical adapter itself to make sure that it is firmly plugged in on both ends and that the HDMI cable is firmly in the back of your Beam?

Does anything change if you move back over to the HDMI/ARC port rather than the optical connection? 

As I have suggested above, look for the “Quick Start” setting in your LG TV and be aware if your TV has any “Stand-By” or “Sleep Mode” settings that could be signaling to the Sonos Beam. 

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Hello @mgeis 

Thank you for reaching out with your diagnostic number and welcome to the Sonos Community.

I do see that your Sonos set-up does seem to be one speaker short of a 5.0 surround system. 

Can you check to see that both of your rear surround speakers are powered on and within 10-15 feet maximum of your Beam?

Does this audio issue persist if you switch your connection from HDMI/ARC to Optical?


Hello to you too @rixcc 

Since you have an LG tv, can you check to see if you have a “Quick Start+” option in your settings?

To disable Quick Start+ setting on the TV:
Settings -> All Settings -> General -> Quick Start+ (toggle to off)  

If you see this setting and can disable it, does this audio issue persist?



Same issue here. The beam makes a buzzing and popping sounds intermittently when the TV is off and there is nothing else pushing sound through it.
In my case I noticed it first when I replaced my TV, not the sonos software. Just upgraded my TV to an LG C9 and I’m using eARC for the first time (I was using optical before). Resetting the TV does not do anything to fix it. From the TV’s HDMI ARC options, I can only select PCM, Pass-through, or Auto. The only option that works (produces any sound at all) is PCM, so that is what I selected. eARC is On. 

i just submitted my diagnostics: 700268017

Getting an identical issue on my Samsung TV. Only happens w/sound over HDMI-ARC, not streaming, so it’s not the speaker.  Just noticed it today, everything was peachy until the Sonos 2 update.  HDMI ARC set to PCM.


Diagnostic 1305211937

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Hi, the options are PCM or auto for digital sound out via HDMI ARC. I currently have the setting at auto.

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Hello @Murpa,

Since your set-up does not include any bonded surround speakers, switching your audio format to PCM (or Stereo as @Ken_Griffiths points out) was going to be my next suggestion, you just beat me to it. 

Please keep us posted on if this resolves your audio issues.

@Vosabhoy, are you able to set your TV audio format specifically to Dolby Digital rather than PCM? Previously the TOS link status on your beam was “inactive” which is why i suggested rebooting yoru TV along with checking on the specific audio format.

Most of the issues I’m seeing with home theater audio have to do with the TV not passing the correct codec on to the Beam and then chaos ensues. Whether this is is a purely “local” issue or something tripped by the update and adjustments made in how we are processing the signal, I am not sure.    


Happening to me as well and I have the exact same setup as the original poster. Samsung TV connected over HDMI ARC, beam, sub, 2x1’s. 

only noticed today but definitely believe this is an S2 issue or at least a recent update that caused it. 

same tests. Unplugged HDMI and no issue. Plugged in HDMI. issue. Streaming Music, no issue. 

to the Sonos support team this was definitely not an issue with config or tv settings as these haven’t been changed in… forever. I’ve had this setup for a while.  

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Same has happened to me last week (only once), and was fixed by pulling the power chord.

This is only a temporary solution as it happened again with me 2 days later. Definitely down to the Sonus 2 update.

1 page and a couple other threads vs. 100 pages+ and dozens of other threads.  I know where I'm putting my money.

Nope - Other threads with the same problem as well. Its not local. Some will have the problem and not know what to do, others have probably not updated yet and then you have the totally clueless. Worked great for 2 years and started acting up with the 2.0 update. I am not going to deal with a 1st level support person that just looks at canned basic questions on a screen. 

Totally agree with Konimex that its a software glitch introduced with the 2.0 release. I will be patient and just wait for SONOS to fix the software with a update. No point in communicating with the support personnel and waste my time.


The Playbar once had a genuine bug caused by an update.  The main thread about the problem hit 100 pages in a few days, and there were dozens of other threads as well.  Far more likely is there is something going on locally, and you should submit a diagnostic and post the reference # here to get it looked at.  

Totally agree with Konimex that its a software glitch introduced with the 2.0 release. I will be patient and just wait for SONOS to fix the software with a update. No point in communicating with the support personnel and waste my time.

Same exact issue. Samsung Qled with HDMI ARC connection on a Beam with Sonos 2 and two Ones as surrounds. All updated and working fine for weeks since I’ve had the Beam as my surround home cinema setup. Since today it starts buzzing in YouTube app on the tv from the right channel after several hours or sometimes even within 20 mins of a powercycle of the Beam. If I use tv audio it’s perfect so the tv speakers and data is ok. When I add the kitchen One to the Beam group the buzzing is also added to the kitchen sound so it’s not the hardware of the Beam. It’s definitely a software glitch as a reboot always fixes it. 

looks to me like the new Sonos 12 software is not playing nicely with the tv audio stream. 

As a long time enthusiastic Sonos owner I do hope this will be fixed asap. This is a real pain in the backside. 

I have the same problems with buzzing. Started couple days ago. Sonos Beam with 2 1’s surround. Have had the system about 2 years. Starting to see quite a few Beam owners reporting the same problem so I hope Sonos does not waste our time with stupid basic troubleshooting like cable..etc..

For now I just listen to sound through the Samsung TV. Guess they will figure it out at some point. I miss it but not a show stopper…..