I'm getting an error "File is in an unsupported format" when I connect to a station.

  • 28 February 2014
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I get the error when I connect to the Audiophile Baroque station. The strange thing is that I've been listening to that station for months without any problems. Also, sometimes I can listen to the station for several minutes or more without problems. I submitted the diagnostics to Sonos. My confirmation number is: 3450345. Can you help? Thanks.

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26 replies

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Any update on Radio Dismuke? My Sonos plays other TuneIn stations, and Radio Dismuke plays in TuneIn on my phone -- I would love it if Dismuke could also play on the Sonos! It's really a great station.

There isn't any update on the station at the moment. They're still only streaming at 11.025 kHz on all of their streams, which is too low quality to play on Sonos. We'll reach out to TuneIn to see if they can contact the station, but unless the streams get upgraded to something higher than 12kHz they can't be played on Sonos directly.

If you have a Sonos player with a line in (CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP, PLAY:5), you could use another device to play the station, and then send the audio to Sonos through the line-in connection.