I lost a room

After the last update 16.12.2017 I lost one of two rooms in my controller. None of the proposed suggestions helped. I made a factory reset without result. I have two Play 5, about 6 months old. Both of them worked perfectly until now. The other speaker works without problems.
Seems that one speaker does not find the local network

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I connected the speaker directly to the router and set it up. It worked fine. Advanced-> wireless.
The speaker is not connected to the local network.
I have to connect the speaker permanently by ethernet cable.

The other speaker is well connected wireless and works fine.

Is there an internal defect on a card??
Same problem for me after update last week, also lost my 3 that was linked to it just out of wifi reach. Any solutions?
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Hi folks,

Sometimes after an update some Sonos players may drop from the system and not show up in your controller. Here's a great guide to helping get your missing speakers back.

There's also another issue where some speakers have trouble with the wireless cards. If you can only see your speaker when it is wired in via ethernet, please send a diagnostic report while the unit is wired in, then reply here with the confirmation number, I'll take a look for you.
So this is a fault. I just lost 4 rooms, only one remaining. Asking me if they are plugged in is not a solution. The fault came because of the software update.
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They are trying to help Alan! I've had this issue on a an update manily because I am running in mixed mode. What fixed it for me was to turn off the speakers for a couple for minutes. Turn them back on and then add them again, following the instructions in the app. It found the correct room and pairings so only took a few minutes. DO NOT do a factory reset.
Thank you - do t get me wrong, I am a big fan of sonos, but these upgrades always seem to cause me issues.
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I'd like to try to help but you jumped on the end of a three month old topic without providing much information on your problem or what you have tried.

I'll offer a bit of generic advice for update issues that you can try to see if it helps. Assign static/reserved IP addresses to all of your Sonos gear, power it down, reboot your router, reboot sonos controllers, power back up any connected sonos devices then start with the closest wireless ones. Wait about a minute between each to let them to boot and stabilize.


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