I have 2 sets of stereo pairs (all 4 are Play1), but on one set, the speaker buttons are unresponsive

  • 19 September 2019
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Ok, so this is weird, here's my setup:

2 x Play1, stereo paired, Living Room
2 x Play1, stereo paired, Dining Room
1 x Play1, Kitchen
1 x Play1, Office
1 x Play1, Hallway

On both of the "Living Room" stereo paired speakers, the control buttons on the speakers are unresponsive. They just do not work. Neither the volume buttons, nor the pause/play/skip button. This is incredibly annoying as those are the most accessible ones. On all of the other speakers, the buttons work just fine and the sound is fine everywhere.

Now here's the weird part. The Living Room pair was a WHITE set (with non-functioning buttons), and the Dining room was a BLACK set. I decided that I liked the BLACK ones in the Living Room, so I swapped them and renamed them using the app. NOW, it's the BLACK ones that the buttons stopped functioning on! IT ALWAYS APPEARS TO BE THE "Living Room" SET WHERE THE BUTTONS DON'T FUNCTION. Clearly this is a software and not a hardware issue.

Has anyone seen this before? It's incredibly annoying.

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3 replies

You haven't commented on the status of the 'Touch Controls' option in Settings/System/{room name}.
Ok, so after a long time in the Sonos Android app, this is what got things working properly:

1) Un-pair both sets of speakers, noticing that instead of 4 new speakers showing up, only 1 was in my list
2) Choose "Find Missing Product" in settings, adding back the 3 missing speakers (interestingly they were unnamed and I was prompted for a new name for each one) - DO NOT CHOOSE TO PAIR AT THIS TIME
3) Assign a unique name to all individual speakers (e.g. "Living Room L", "Living Room R", "Dining Room L", "Dining Room R")
4) Re-pair the "Living Room L" and "Living Room R" (the pair name is now "Living Room L")
5) Re-pair the "Dining Room L" and "Dining Room R" (the pair name is now "Dining Room L")
6) (optional) You can now rename the pairs to remove the " L" suffix from both, knowing that all individual speakers will still have unique names.

I think there were a couple of things in play here:
1) Unnamed speaker in a paired set (happens when adding 2 new speakers and pairing them immediately)
2) I noticed that when I un-paired one of the sets, I had 2 speakers, both named "Dining Room" before un-pairing the second set and having the 3 speakers disappear on me.

I think the both situations contributed to the problem. When you rename a pair, it really just renames the left speaker. If you have another pair with a speaker pair where the _right_ speaker has the same name, I think it gets confused. Also the fact that some speakers disappeared when I un-paired them had something to do with it - possibly because they were unnamed.
You haven't commented on the status of the 'Touch Controls' option in Settings/System/{room name}.

I noticed that after I had un-paired, but all speakers had touch controls enabled at that time. Not sure what the setting was on the pair beforehand. Thanks for the suggestion.