I have 2 bridges and now a boost and no idea what to do!

  • 10 December 2019
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I recieved an email from Sonos telling me to get a boost as Bridges were outdated.  I then read the instructions about removing the bridge but this was only if the bridge or bridges were wired in (ethernet) mine are not (so now not sure if they were doing anything atll!  I have set up the boost and I also have several other devices some wired some wireless and not sure how to check if I have the optimum set up? or what is actually doing anything?!?!

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1 reply

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@benjanousek Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Your Sonos system will use a built-in mesh network if any of your speakers or Boost devices are wired into your network with an ethernet cable. Many times the wired device is a Bridge or Boost. It sounds like you may have a speaker wired into your network instead. Wireless Bridges and Boosts can extend the range of the Sonos mesh network, just like any speaker would. If you have a large gap in between 2 speakers, the Bridge or Boost can help extend the wireless network in between.


In many setups the Bridge is either no longer needed, or it can be replaced by the Boost, which has a better wireless signal. This can reduce issues some folks may have with audio cut outs or speaker drops. You can try powering off the Bridges, and test out your system. If you don’t run into any issues, there’s no reason to pick up a Boost. If you find that there are cut outs when using the Bridge, or if you’d like to move your wired speaker to a new location, a Boost might be a good replacement.