Help me please! I have exhausted all your suggestions but cannot re-connect a speaker to my system.

My system uses S1, the controller is a Touch I-pod and I have five speakers, four  Play 1 s and one One SL.  Recently one of my speakers, a Play 1, failed to appear on the list of speakers. I have rebooted and reset the speaker and used  the Product set up process with no success.

When I try to ‘Add Product’ the system searches but responds with ‘Product Not Found’.

When I try ‘Find Missing Product’ the system searches and finds the speaker. When the system says the speaker should display a flashing orange light the speaker actually shows a solid orange light. Continuing the process nevertheless the system gets the product ready and creates a temporary network. I connect wifi to Sonos as directed. But when I am told to enter the password for the wi-fi network I use ( provided by a Telstra/Netgear 4Gx Advanced III router) the system tells me the password is incorrect. This despite my recently using the password to connect a new computer to the wi-fi; so I am reasonably (but only reasonably) confident that there isn’t a problem with the router password.

I am looking forward to help! Thank you.



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Try temporarily hard-wiring the Play:1 to your router and see if that works.


I have a similar problem and spent TWO hours with customer service.  My Player 1 works when connected with an ethernet cable, but not over WiFi.  My Player 5 was working on WiFi for a while, but I just lost connectivity with it.  The problem seems to be with Sonos being unable to connect to WiFi.  Devices worked with Sonos 1 and with Sonos 2 for about a week.

Have gone through entire litany of remedies, including factory reset.  Will have to either hard wire or switch to Amazon devices.

Thank you for these responses. I guess I will try the hardwiring remedy but that will take a deal of effort as my connections are not compatible and I’ll have to buy some bits. And actually I am not confident that that process will actually work...but am open to reassurance!

I seem unable to find a way to communicate with Sonos to get their technicians’ answer...other than to e-mail their CEO which I am on the verge of doing. Have I missed some link to get their input?

I very much appreciate your help; thanks.

Regards, Paddy  


At the present time, when I try to connect my Play 1, I can see my ATT UVERSE network and get up to the login step; however, it doesn’t accept the login.  My Play 5 now logs on correctly.  This all makes me think the problem is the ATT firewall.  I see how to disable the Windows firewall, but haven’t found how to disable the Uverse firewall, or, better yet, see if I can override the block.


Realizing that I would need to deal with ATT to figure out the firewall problem, I opted for discretion, finding an unused ethernet port near where I keep my Play 1.  The moral of this cautionary tale is, when faced with a seemingly insuperable problem, submit.

Perhaps controlav (see above) will have a more elegant solution.

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The fact that wired works indicates this is NOT a firewall issue, its a WiFi issue.

Re-reading your description, check what wireless mode your router is in. If it is 802.11n ONLY then Sonos will report the password does not match, because reasons. Your router needs to support 802.11b/g mode for Sonos to connect to your WiFi. (b/g/n is also fine).



Thanks very much--you obviously know what you’re doing. 

My Play 5 connects to WiFi just fine, as did the Play 1 until a Uverse update a few days ago.  Any explanation would have to account for this selective connectivity.  It seems that an incompatible mode would affect both the Play 1 and Play 5.

Couldn’t find what mode the gateway uses, but I would bet it’s pretty encompassing.  We have the Uverse gateway model 5268AC.  ATT SmartHome gives lots of info, but couldn’t find WiFi mode.

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Hmm, I could not find a setting for b/g/n in the docs at so I guess that isn’t the problem. This router seems to lack anything but the simplest of options. I’m out of ideas, sorry.


I appreciate the attempt.  Our Samsung smart TV also lost it’s WiFi connectivity, but ethernet connection is fine.  The TV is only a few feet from the gateway to which other devices connect with no problem.  Wouldn’t be surprised if these problems resolve with further Uverse updates.